Building Our Legacy - Not There Legacy, But Yours As A Unit!

We spend a lot of time worrying about numbers, don’t we?

Revenue, Salaries, Sales figures, Profits, Losses, Expenditures, Overhead etc.

This is true of all of us whether we are the public-facing leader or a behind the scenes person, a nagging question remains in all of us after we have digested our beloved numbers. We ask ourselves that pertinent question, at the end of a 30 or 40 year career, what do we want our legacy to be? Numbers—however impressive—just do not seem to cut it.

A legacy is not a legacy unless it feeds the generations that follow us.

A legacy should be deeply considered. It takes on immortality, and it is how we live on after our death. If we think of our legacy as a gift, it places an emphasis on the thoughtful, meaningful, and intentional aspects of legacy. The consequences of what we do now will outlive us ... good or bad.

What one leaves behind is the quality of one’s life, the summation of the choices and actions one makes in this life, our spiritual and moral values.
Building Our Legacy - Not There Legacy, But Yours As A Unit!
The question, then, is not if you should work on a legacy, but how. What does an active legacy-building life look like?

The bible specifically says:

- A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children. (NKJV) Proverbs 13:22

- One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts. Psalm 145: (NIV)
At the heart of this legacy-building is a simple commandment: Know thyself. How? Spend time each and every day in self-reflection. Meditate. Pray. Relish 15 minutes with nothing but your own thoughts.

All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.

With these words at your back, legacy-building can begin. The first question: How will you define your values, your worth, and global need so that you can leave this world better than you found it?

Whatever your answer, start legacy-building today. Tomorrow is too late.

My name is Oudney N. Patsika - I am glad to invite you on a legacy Building Journey!

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