Building Brands Of Faith -  No Vision Will Outgrow The Visionary! (Part 1)

I have over the past ten (10) years noted with great concern that many visionaries concentrate on building the vision, mission and values of the ministry that they have found - and never take time to build the visionary..!

It is a rare thing to see a visionary who takes time to explain himself as the visionary - they spend time explaining the vision. They think that their ministry or church will out-grow them in one way or another ... Listen, that will never happen. No vision can ever outgrow the visionary!

There has never been a business or ministry which outgrew it's visionary ... Do not invest in marketing your ministry or church if you have not invested in marketing yourself as the visionary..!

Great visions are founded or great visionaries (their character traits and the personality of the person who founded.) Actually, the psychology of people is wired to associate more with the visionary that the vision.

No matter how great the name of your church or ministry is - know that no-one will care until they know who the visionary is ...!

For example:
- Bishop Tudor Bismark.
- Bishop TD. Jakes.
- Apostle Asa Gurupira.
- Prophet E. Makandiwa.
- Pastor Benny Hinn.
- Prophet Kenneth Hagin and
- Evangelist Oral Roberts ... 

All have great ministries - but the truth is, we know them more that we know the name of the churches or ministries that they founded.

- We know the visionary more that their vision.
- We know the person more than what they started ... 

In essence, everyone who is part of your ministry or church is part of it because of you as a visionary and not because of the vision.
Building Brands Of Faith - No Vision Will Outgrow The Visionary! (Part 1)
You see Oudney N. Patsika ( as a person and visionary will always be bigger than Oudney's Studios ( In the same way, Apostle Pride Sibiya ( as a person will always be bigger than Glory Ministries ( the vision.

- Every great vision is laid on the foundation of a great visionary ... a visionary who understands that the growth of their vision is dependent on the greatness of their name.

- Great visionaries protect their names and families more than they protect their churches and ministries. The integrity of any vision is protected by the values of the visionary and not the values or the mission statement of the vision - organisation that they started.

- We say NO to visionaries who participate in fornication, adultery, stealing, dubiousness, mischievousness, slander, maliciousness.


- Protect your name as the visionary and the name of your vision will be protected also.
- Protect your wife as the visionary and the wives of those who submit to your vision will be protected.
- Protect your finances as the visionary and the finances of those who submit to your vision will be protected.
- Protect your children as the visionary and the children of those who submit to your vision will be protected.
Be an authentic visionary ... and your vision will be authentic.

Where it comes to a great church or ministry - the vision, vision statement, mission, values are important but the name and the perception that people have about the visionary in gold and more important the best mission statement, catchphrases or logos.

- Is is impossible for the vision to outgrow the visionary ...!
- Is is impossible for the vision to be more organised than the visionary ...!
- Is is impossible for the vision to be more sanctified than the visionary ...!

That will never ever happen..!

In 2019, as you are realizing themes and thinking about building a great church or ministry - I recommend that you intern focus of building a great YOU and everything that is under you will be great also.

In the next article I will show you why it is a mistake, if you run a church or ministry, to invest in marketing the organisation (vision) that you started. If you are not investing in marketing yourself (as a visionary) .. you are making a lethal mistake and your church or ministry will never ever grow ..!

This is how God the father marketed, God the Son on earth - Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Philippians 2:9-11 ESV (To Be Continued)

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