Most Women Contribute To Why Their Men Cheat - Read This To Find Out How!

I love a woman who can openly tell me she wants sex than the one who wants me to beg and beg like a loaf of bread in the dustbin.

Some women choose sex as a bargaining place in their marriage, its when the man is asking for sex that she will remember all the ill that the man have ever committed, at that points she will remember that he has never bought her a pant nor have paid for children's tuition fees and he has the gut to ask for sex.

The place of sex shouldn't be used as a point of bargaining for injuries or redress, for you are not the owner of your body..

Even though every sensible man should know that his wife need to be taken care of unless in presence of nothing understanding is needed.

When the man, can't meet up to your complains, and haven noticed that they re even more pretty ladies out there, ever ready to have him without paying penny he will go for it, the moment he have a taste of her you have lost your marriage woman.

Same you will start to complain he doesn't touch me.
Most Women Contribute To Why Their Men Cheat - Read This To Find Out How!
You want a man to help you reach orgasms yet you do Nothing about sex, you lies like age long wood inside the River yet blame the performance of the man on you.

No man can go beyond your openness during sex,
You want a good sex ,Yet you barely understand anything about sex
When you are opened sexually, you will be satisfied sexually,

When a woman openly initiates sex with her husband, he will make sure within his reach to give her what she wants sexually than when the woman wants the man to beg and beg and even make bogus promises he can't meet up with just to get her in bed, that is unfair towards your man.

Its not only the duty if the man to tell the wife I want sex, the woman can likewise tell her husband I want it now, before he leaves for work etc. Be open to him, be free with him he is your man.

Don't forget they are hot dogs out there who are ready to go beyond to take that which belong to you.

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