• For Married Only - Things That Men Do During Sex That Women Hate (A Must Read)

    I earlier wrote about what men hates during sex and now I am writing about the what women hate ...:

    1. When you skip foreplay: you ought to Make her wet naturally rather than lubricating her.

    2. When you are unconcerned about her satisfaction: Be concerned! Don't be self centered!

    3. When you spank her abnormally like she is a whore : Must you hurt her?

    4. When you are not romantic at all: all you could do is just DIDO (Dig in- Dig out)

    5. When your armpit/mouth or private part stinks: Hell no!.. odour would piss her off!

    6. When you stain her bed spread with your release : be careful when withdrawing!
    For Married Only - Things That Men Do During Sex That Women Hate (A Must Read)
    7. When all you ask often is "Have you cum? "... What's your mission? To satisfy her or make her cum?

    8. When you make the play so boring that you make her fake an orgasm

    9. When you ask for food immediately after sex..
    10. When you stand up and get dressed immediately after sex :is it a crime for her to curl around you a bit after the play?

    11. When you want her to give you exactly like how whores give it in Porn video: she isn't a porn star. eg. Anal sex

    Many married woman hardly enjoy sexual play with their spouse and are scared to express it ... And I tell you: A SEXUALLY UNSATISFIED WOMAN IS AN UNFULFILLED WOMAN!


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