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Joshua Osih Accepts Biya’s Victory Despite Election Irregularities

Candidate of the Social Democratic Front party, Joshua Osih has recognized and accepted the victory of his opponent, President Paul Biya of the CPDM in the October 7 presidential election.

In a statement made by the candidate after the official proclamation of the election result by the legal body in charge of such, the candidate said:

“I take note that the Constitutional Council proclaimed the results of the presidential election of October 7, 2018, despite all evidence of irregularities and the clear desire to marginalize the North West and South West regions in this election.
Joshua Osih Accepts Biya’s Victory Despite Election Irregularities
He adds that “In a republican and citizen spirit, I would like to congratulate the candidate for this extraordinary election which has definitely marked a turning point in the political life in our country. As I told the Constitutional Council, nothing would be the same as before!”

“In the same spirit, I wish to tell the President-elected Paul Biya that partisan sentiments should give way patriotism.
“Mr. President of the Republic, I beg you to listen to the people who need peace and reconciliation”.

Source - cnt.cm
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