Words Of Advice For Ladies - A Must Read!

No man ever wants a 'crazy' wife! It is only guys who want a 'crazy' girlfriend, so don't be deceived. 

A guy who wants you to party hard every weekend, expose your bosom, wear skimpy clothes, flashy makeups and getting down with 11 bottles of beer while he is on 15, he will NEVER marry you! A guy who talks dirty and wants sex everywhere with you when he is not yet married to you will see you as a bed machine when the time for marriage eventually comes.

Have you ever wondered why some of these guys go for the 'timid' and 'local' looking girls when it comes to marriage but dump the sexy, sassy and gorgeous looking ones? A man wants more than beauty for marriage!Those boobs you are flaunting everywhere will eventually sag someday so invest on yourself! 
Words Of Advice For Ladies - A Must Read!

A man really wants a place he can call home, he wants a woman who is modest and can take care of his children and parents, one with whom the children can confide in, the one he can take major decisions with and tell all his fears. He wants a wife, mother and sister all in one.

I'm not saying that looking good is bad. In fact looking good is good business, but you have got to look beyond that and pay more attention to spiritual things that keep a home. If you truly want to attract a decent man, please be decent and do not let any man use you to pass time! At the same time don't settle for a guy who is not God fearing, don't even think of marrying a guy who is not having the holy spirit in him. No matter how much money he has spent on you, no matter how much he has.
Don't even dream of being engaged to him if he's not closer to God. It's for your own good because divorce, hypertension and stroke has been the outcome of many women who refused to take to this advice. 

May GOD grant you the wisdom to be the woman a man truly needs!

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