Chikapa Lessons - Man Ditches Wife For Not Knowing Chikapa

A family from Hopley had their marriage has collapse with vitriolic attack by the husband saying his wife was not good in bed.

The eight-year union between Mike Takatya, 32, and his wife Nomatter Mupawaenda, 24, is beyond repair with the former relocating to South Africa.Nomater couldn’t hide on their sx life with Mike saying she had been accused of being bad in bed.“Nhai hanzvadzi makamboonawo murume anoudza mukadzi wake kuti haunake, zvoitawo here izvozvo, munofunga ndingaitewo sei pakadaro (What would you do if your husband tells you that you are not good in bed?).

Speaking to H-Metro, Mike accused his wife of denying him s#x.He said Nomatter had been bedding her boyfriend only identified as Moyo.“I caught them red-handed but it was dark and there are witnesses to this issue.
Chikapa Lessons - Man Ditches Wife For Not Knowing Chikapa
“After I caught them I then left her in the house and I went to stay with my parents.

“We have been married for eight years and blessed with two kids. Moyo iyeye ari kutouya mumba mangu vachitogara vese.”According to Mike, he suspected his wife’s shenanigans after she denied him conjugal rights for almost a year.

“Airamba kuvata neni achiisa mwana pakati pedu since November last year achiti haasi kunzwa kuda murume or ndakaneta; ukaramba uchimunetsa ototswamwa so I ended up ndangosiya.

“At times she would go out during the night lying that she was going to see her mother since we stay close.“Our children told me that my wife’s mother had gone to the rural areas and I followed to check on her but she was not there.

“I looked for her everywhere I suspected but she was nowhere to be found and on my way back I saw them with the boyfriend caressing.“I manhandled the man by the collar but he escaped, iye akasara akakumbira ruregerero ndikazvinzwa before she lied again on the day in question.

“I had to lie to her that I was going to Glen View and she remained behind where she invited her boyfriend.“At around 10pm hours I went back home and found the two enjoying themselves.“I knocked on the door and my wife opened the door for me paving the way for the boyfriend who escaped instantly and I tried chase him but all my efforts were in vain.

“She said she now loved her boyfriend; imagine I would pester her for sx which I would get maybe once in three months.”Nomatter said she would get in love in Moyo because Mike had wrongly accused her.

“If he (Mike) wishes me to date Moyo wacho haisi problem, ndavakutoenda ikoko ndononyatsodanana naye.“Moyo is my friend and why did Mike leave for South Africa before the issue is solved?”
Meanwhile, Nomatter contradicted herself over the issue saying her former husband’s statements were false and malicious.“Auya ikoko kuH-Metro asi mukuda kumupa mukadzi, kana muchipa vakadzi mupei.“He is liar because he has been influenced by his relatives; it’s not the first time he has moved away from our matrimonial house after a misunderstanding.

“Last year, he went to his parents’ house and this time he left again and I told him to bring his relatives so that I could allow him in the house.”Asked to comment on her alleged affair with Moyo, she said;

“Handidanane naye munhu iyeye he only asked to use my phone since he wanted to communicate with his wife and my husband saw his profile picture that’s when the problem started.

“But ndotadza kubatsirawo vanhu here.“He further started chatting with Moyo’s wife resulting in the problems.”However, Moyo couldn’t be reached for comment since his mobile number was off but Nomater had this to say.

“Moyo wacho haatorina phone because he was using his wife’s mobile phone; ndinagtoende ikoko kumba kwake,”she said. H-Metro

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