18+ - Check These 15 Things Women Wish Men Knew About In Bed!

Dear men, there are certain things that make sex good for a woman and also ruin it for a woman. Just before you blow your trumpet, here are 15 things women wish men knew about sex:

1. Sex shouldn’t end when a man comes. You should ensure the needs of your woman are met in bed before sex ends.

2. Just as you want your woman to pay attention to her underwear, and maintain a good hygiene, your woman also wants you to do the same.

3. Sometimes she just wants it a little rough. Don’t be scared, you aren’t going to break her.

4. Every woman isn’t the same. What pleases one woman in bed might not please another woman in bed. Know the particular needs and desires of your woman.
18+ - Check These 15 Things Women Wish Men Knew About In Bed!
5. Be gentle with your fingers down there.

6. Don’t bring everything you see in a porn video to the bedroom. Always ask your woman what feels best for her.

7. Foreplay is an important part of sex for a woman
. Give foreplay quality time.

8. Be gentle with her most of the times in bed. It’s called lovemaking but being a little hard sometimes would definitely spice things up.

9. Your bed sheets should be clean.
10. Sex is more mental than physical for women.

11. Sometimes all she needs is for you to just cuddle her without trying to have sex.

12. During lovemaking, pay attention to how she responds to what you’re doing.

13. Take time to caress and love each part of her body as if it was the last time you’ll experience love-making. She will definitely appreciate that.

14. Don’t jump out of bed immediately after sex. She wants you to cuddle her and tell her sweet nothings.

15. Just because she doesn’t want you to be a one-minute man doesn’t mean longer is always better.  The vagina’s ability to continue lubricating itself is limited, which can make marathon sex feel more like a duty than a joy

Lastly, you don't employ what you see on porno movies and expect your partner to do it. Any act of sexual abuse and show of sexual force is not expected in marriage.

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