My Wife and Her Mother Are Witches

MY WIFE AND MOTHER IN-LAW ARE WITCHES: I am a male adult aged 29, I got married when I was 26 years and my wife was 24 then. 

All went on well between us since our wedding day, the only problem being that I was failing impregnant my wife, or she was not able to receive the seed whichever way. For the past years I wanted a child but I was not so desperate, till this year when my parents started pressurizing me to find out what was the problem. Then the next thing was my father visited and took me to my uncles place where my uncle volunteered to drive me to one of their man of God. It was not easy to see him but finally we managed. when it was our turn the man of God just laughed sarcastically and said " All shall be well son, where is your wife? wherever she is tell her that the Lord has spoken through his messenger that all demons shall Baw." After that he touched my forehead and murmured something. then we were ordered to go in peace.

I was angry with the man of God, my uncle and my father. How on earth would they waste my time for such silly things? They tried to explain to me but I would not take any of that. I arrived home late that day my wife was already in bed. I had my dinner then soon after I started vomiting, serious vomiting. I vomited until my ribs were in pain. I even thought I was dying. Then I remembered the words 'All shall be well' after a few minutes the vomiting ceased and I brushed my tooth and went for bed.
My Wife and Her Mother Are Witches
My wife was awake and I guess she heard all the vomiting and stuff but she never bothered to come see what was the problem. I felt anger but I decided to keep my pierce. I greeted her she never answered, I realized she was moody so I retired to bed. I thought it was because I was late home. In the night I heard the voice in my dream "All shall be well'' agai n and again. getting stronger and louder each time. I ended up waking up but when I woke up there was dead silence in the room. Feeling a little bit confused I reached for light switch. When I looked back on our bed I discovered the was a little thing on our bed but my wife was not there. I investigated and found out that it was a small dry log which I used as a stool when sitting outside.

I started wondering where was my wife? I ransacked the house but she was nowhere near. I phoned my father and my uncle, it was around 0100 am. My parents and my uncle came and they witnessed that she was not home. We phoned around her relatives but she was not there. Then my father phoned her father who live about thirty kilometers from our place. He said She was not there, but he was going to drive to my place straight away.

After about 10 minutes my father inlaw phoned back and said he was not going to make it for something emergence had happened at his house. I started suspecting that my wife could be cohabiting with another neighborhood man, or she was a witch. At exactly 0325AM I saw a group of seven women coming towards my house, Suddenly they disappeared and I saw my wife by the door naked. I called her name out, my parents and uncle came out of the house only to meet her naked by the door. My mother took a blanket and covered her and brought her inside the house. I was made about it but my parents calmed me down. No explanation was given to me up to today. She was taken to her parents that very day, and I went back to the man of God who said that she has a Demon she needs deliverance. so I was to go and collect her to the man of God.

I went to my inlaws with the aim of collecting my wife to the man of God, but when I arrived there I was dumbfounded to learn that my mother inlaw was sent packing the very day my wife was sent to her parents. I was told that after my father inlaw received a call from my father he wanted to talk to is wife about the issue, only to find out that even my mother in law was missing from the house, and there was a log on her place.

Stranger than fiction, I thought as I drove back to my house. I am currently receiving prayers from the man of God. My problem with the man of God now is he is insisting that I must take her back in my life. To me and myself this is a nonevent. It will never happen because she can kill me. I am told hereditably witchcraft practicing is connected with Satanism. Assist me Mufundisi, what is the best way out of this situation. Confused and afraid. Please notify me when you post.

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