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Bishop TD Jakes Speaks Out on the Death of Eddie Long

Many are still coming to gripps with the fact that megachurch pastor Eddie Long has passed, and a few details on his homegoing service have now been released and, according to reports, Bishop TD Jakes will be involved.

Obnoxious Media reports that Jakes is allegedly set to deliver the eulogy during the funeral service. While there is no official confirmation on the news from neither New Birth nor Jakes' ministry, the two have been good friends for a while, so this can hold some truth.
Proving their friendship was true, Jakes released a lengthy statement singing the late pastor's praises, calling him a "mighty man of valor."
Bishop TD Jakes Speaks Out on the Death of Eddie Long
"We are deeply saddened by the passing of a mighty man of valor, embattled warrior, learned and beloved pastor and man I call friend, Bishop Eddie L. Long," it read. "We will miss his enigmatic catchphrase uttered just above a whisper, 'Watch this...,' his love for the Gospel shared liberally and a ministry that impacted lives around the globe."

Also offering condolences to Long's family and congregation, he said, "To the New Birth family, no words can ease the pain of your loss... To his beloved widow, Vanessa, and his children who feel the brunt of the loss most deeply and profoundly, we pray for you especially."

Take a look at his full statement, below:

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