#Memories - The Devil I Knew Not [Season 1 Part 1]

Wolfe In A Sheep Skin: Evil spirits are swifter than the swiftest spirit, and one trouble spawns the other. Brother Takudzwa was one of the students who were being sponsored by the Seventh Day Adventist Church at the collage. 

Being a Christian, a saint, and a decent brother in Christ as he was known, no woman would feel threaten by his presence around her. Taku was soft, I mean that softness which might be mistaken for stupidity, and he was that kind of a person who would not harm even an ant.

Yes, he had a soft spot for me and I expostulated his secret advances because I had my satisfying fiance Jerry, who had conquered my heart, mind and soul. His humility and gratifying character had imparted unprecedented heart rooted bonding between me and him. He was a down to earth, a lamp of our relationship. Jerry was everything any woman of this world would adore.

Though I had never openly accepted it to him, or to anyone, but in my heart I considered myself the most favoured woman by God. He was a real man, a Christian who was in agreement with the ‘No sex before marriage’ phenomenon. I loved him. Jerry had qualified earlier than me and was working in town, and he was always encouraging me to concentrate with my studies and achieve my desired goal.
 The Devil I Knew Not [Season 1 Part 1]
Life was not easy then at the campus; the government funds had become erratic. Strike after strike became a daily game at the campus. Survival for the fittest was the rule of the jungle at the campus, but my fiancé made sure I was well covered and I would stay focused.

I always told Tafadzwa that we would better be friends because he knew that I was taken and his heart was with someone also, but his persistence was that of a mosquito. This did not work anyway because I had already taken a life decision about my future husband. And according to me that decision was cast in concrete.

Our institution was one of the leading tertiary institutions when it comes to the girl child of loose morals. It was not because they wanted, but they had to survive. The Zimbabwean dollar was on a free fall, the very first day then minister of finance announced about inflation it was around 75%. Because of the economic hardships, the majority of parents and guardians surrendered and drop outs became the order of the day.

The die-hard girl child would soldier on by hook and crook to try and finish and get the qualification. The varsity life became a night mare, and when the vultures discovered that, they pounced on the girl child from all angles, Ministers, Member of Parliament, companies big shots, business gurus, dealers, thieves, would pick and drop female students at the campus.

There are brilliant fallen comrades of our time who succumbed to the deadly disease Aids whilst others suffered silently with sexual transmitted infections; trauma and stress being the order of the day for the girl child. Other comrades were found murdered by angry sugar daddies. Others would be bashed and left for dead before be picked by good Samaritans to the nearest hospitals.

My sisters and friends would ‘fall in love’ with men older than their grandfathers. Men snatchers, and gold diggers almost killing each other for these old skinny ‘big shots’, who resembled nothing but pale shadows of moving graves. Fellow girls being bonked one after another at the campus was no longer hot news at the campus. Such was life at the varsity. Foreigners from America, Australia, London and Germany would sneak into the campus with their full filming equipment, shooting blue movies and go away. Students would sweat from rehearsals up to final stage for a few pounds and US dollars. What would they do, they wanted the money to move on with the education.

Unwanted pregnancies, abortions and suicides became a normal life of girl children at the campus. Others were raped and the cases were not reportable, because they were perpetrated by those who were enjoying that self given impunity which comes with the wealth. I had witnessed my mates being harassed by police after trying to present her cases of rape, assaults or death threats. My personal opinion was that; all the laws protecting abuse against women were applicable everywhere else but not at our campus.

It is not a secret that the law enforcers who were supposed to protect the constitutional rights of the girl child at our campus, were the major culprits breaking the same law they had been duly attested to uphold, not mentioning broad day light- licking of the perpetrators and criminals around the campus. As all this happened, cute Shelly considered herself the blessed one. A spectator, a fan of campus news-makers comfortably sitting at the VVIP terraces and never thought, or dream that it was very possible that the same cloud of darkness will befall her life the same way it was attacking others. Indeed the devil had took his time to plan about her, whilst she was relaxing in the comfort zone to the extent of forgetting to recite the well taught prayer before sleeping ‘Our father..’

The impudence and boldness of my fellow female students had reached alarming stages, Moral decadency devoured the bright future of our sisters, who went for night striping as hookers in the streets and never came back to classes. We had about prostitution territorial wars between the girls at the campus. Sexual groups were secretly formed and they would hunt men as a pride.

I am sure this is one of the times many girls of my age would want to quickly forget about, especially the now happily married, there are other issues that a better not discussed, because if spouses hear about how some of the degrees were attained, this can wrack havoc in marriages, because the journey to qualification was not a straw in the park. Source: Owen's Lounge

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