Woman Claims She Is Having Punani With Jesus

I heard something rather interesting from Apostle Sibiya. He told me about a person he once counseled who lost her husband to an accident a few weeks after their wedding. 

But according to the man of God, some people were already insinuating that it was the widow’s spirit husband that killed her human husband (confusing?). It was a really sad story.

Let me explain. It is commonly believed that some people have spirit husbands and wives. These spirit spouses, it is believed, come from the spirit world and lay claim on a man or woman as their husband or wife. Henceforth, they do battle with whoever their beloved tries to get married to. Please do not ask me how they pick their husbands or wives because Apostle Sibiya takes time to answer those questions in his book 'How To Overcomes Spiritual Spouse'.
 Woman Claims She Is Having Punani With Jesus
I have been made to understand that people’s dreams usually reveal whether or not they have spirit husbands or wives. For example, if you have a pattern of dreams where you get married to someone or have sexual intercourse with them, then it is likely he or she is your spouse from the spirit world.
Really bizarre, if you ask me. I can only imagine the trauma the young lady who lost her husband is going through already for the loss of her husband. As if that was not enough, it is now claimed that her spirit husband is responsible for her human husband’s death.

Come on - are you serious. There are people who do not believe in the existence of spiritual spouses. They dismiss spiritual spouses as a myth. To them any talk of spiritual spouses is nonsense. This might be due to the fact that they find the concept of spiritual spouses so unbelievable that they conclude that such mythical beings do not exist.

Unfortunately, according to Apostle Sibiya, who says he has helped many people to overcome this challenge, spiritual spouses are real. Not only are they real - they are also a common challenge in our community. As a result, the challenge that these spiritual spouses pose are ones that continue to destroy families and marriages. These situations are so easy for anyone to succumb to. Unless they are vigilant and seek help. According to Apostle Pride Sibiya, Glory Ministries founder and author of "How To Overcome Spiritual Spouses" these spirits must no be taken for granted.

You may be single or married, but if you have ever been sexually intimate with a person in you dreams, then you were in danger of falling into the enemy’s trap and becoming spiritually tied to that spiritual spouse.
Do not be misled: The enemy of your soul is out to kill your marriage, your children, and your future. He does not play favorites by only going after those in high-profile lifestyle, because he goes after everyone rich or poor. Apostle Sibiya tells the story of a woman who claims to be in love with Jesus. The funny thing about this woman is that her Jesus only visits her when she is asleep (truly amazing!)

I am not sure if this young lady's husband was killed by a spiritual spouse or not. I am not even sure if this lady actually has a love life with Jesus. I just encourage you not to wait to address this kind of situation if you are struggling with beings that visit you in you sleep. Get out of it. Get help now, and do whatever you have to do to protect yourself and your future. The longer you stay in the situation, the more likely you are to be enslaved to these creatures that visit you at night.

Moreover, if you know that you are victim to these spiritual spouses, then you need to confront them, violently. According to Apostle Pride Sibiya, if you respond quickly and correctly, and start to go througgh the delivarance process, then you have stopped the situation in time.

However, if after reading this article, you respond with resentment and ridicle, you may allow these spiritual spouse to continue tormenting you.

Obviously, some of my readers still have the nagging question as to whether these spiritual spouses do they really exist? Do they impact the physical spouse, and how can they be confronted or stopped? On the other hand, maybe you have experiences you may want to share!

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