DJ Tira’s wife boils over twerker!

DJ Tira’s wife, Gugu Khathi, allegedly caused drama at the video shoot of the song Thandekile.

The song is by Joocy and features DJ Tira, real name Mthokozisi Khathi.

Sunday Sun sources said Gugu arrived at the video shoot in Lanseria and found Mzansi’s professional twerker “Lady Kay Gee”, real name Kgaugelo Maruma, in DJ Tira’s car.

An eyewitness claimed: “Gugu blew her top and accused Lady Kay Gee of taking pictures with her hubby for Instagram.
DJ Tira’s wife, Gugu Khathi, allegedly caused drama at the video shoot of the song Thandekile.

“She got jealous and gave Lady Kay Gee a tongue-lashing!”

Sources on the set said Lady Kay Gee’s twerking skills have turned her into “every man’s dream girl”.

The witness said: “It was clear Gugu felt threatened by Lady Kay Gee.”

Another industry source said trouble started when DJ Tira arrived in a white Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen.

“Lady Kay Gee jumped up, saying she loved the car. Then she and Tira started taking pictures in the car. It was really innocent. Everyone was there.”

The source went on: “DJ Tira posted one of the pictures on Instagram. Lady Kay Gee posted hers on Snapchat and it looked like the same car.”

The mole claimed: “DJ Tira’s wife arrived at the house where we were shooting and found Lady Kay Gee in the car.

“She started yelling at her in Zulu, which seemed pointless because Lady Kay Gee doesn’t even understand isiZulu.

“She looked shocked. Tira heard the screaming and ran outside. He grabbed his wife and asked her what was she doing.”

Another witness claimed: “She turned to him and asked why was he taking pictures of Lady Kay Gee. She was still yelling, boiling with anger!”

The sources claimed the drama drew the attention of the camera crew who came outside to check what was happening.

“They were shocked by Gugu’s actions. She made a total fool of herself. Tira was so embarrassed that he took her back to her car and asked her to leave,” one source said.

Yesterday Gugu confirmed she was at the shoot. She said: “I was only there to bring food for the guys. I never encountered that twerker girl.”

DJ Tira declared: “Gugu wasn’t even at the shoot. She was acting as liaison over the phone with the production team. Maybe the girl is angry because I didn’t offer her a ride in the G-Wagen.”

Yesterday Lady Kay Gee’s phone rang unanswered. She didn’t respond to our messages.

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