Jezebel's Messanger - 8 Signs Of The Influence Of Witchcraft

In 1 Kings 19:2 it says Jezebel sent to the Prophet Elijah a "messenger" to tell him he would be dead by the following day. She was furious when she heard from her husband King Ahab how Elijah had issued a challenge to her false prophets of Baal and then killed them.

After experiencing most probably the greatest anointing in his life, he is targeted by Jezebel to die. The word "messenger" in the Hebrew is "malak" which can also mean "angel." So we are not just speaking here of a human messenger, but a demonic messenger sent out by not just a human queen - but by a demonic fallen principality named Jezebel, in full manifestation through this queen.

When Elijah hears Jezebel's prophesy through her demonized messenger, he immediately becomes afraid and runs for his life. How did he go from "God's man of faith and power for the hour" who just challenged and killed hundreds of Baal prophets, to now a prophet of God on the run for his life?
Apostle Axel Sippach
What happened? Witchcraft is what happened! He is under its influence now. Here are 8 signs of witchcraft's progressive influence through her fiery darts. It starts with discouragement and can end in defeat if not stopped.

1. Discouragement
2. Confusion
3. Depression
4. Loss of vision
5. Disorientation
6. Withdrawal
7. Despair
8. Defeat

Elijah was exhausted, broken, and bruised, and instead of fighting, he ran. He had had enough - and was ready to check out. He asked God to kill him. Have you ever been so down like this? Elijah was vulnerable, and he was suicidal, and sleep was his escape But its not over till God says its over, and God begins to intervene supernaturally by sending an angel to fix him some "comfort food" - hot bread.

But he was in such a bad state, he went back to sleep again to "escape" the circumstances. The angel chef wakes him up again and he eats. It must have been some heavenly fortified bread, because he was strengthened off of it for his 40 day journey until he gets to a cave in Horeb where God speaks to him in a still small voice, and Elijah gets back on track.

its very interesting that part of getting back on track was thinking about the next generation - the calling and raising up of a spiritual son - his successor - Elisha.

Witchcraft is insidious. It seeks to control and destroy your life.It seeks to find your vulnerabilities and then move in for the kill shot. You must recognize it. There are times that "depression" may just be a medical condition requiring treatment at some level. But there are also times that depression is linked to an attack of "witchcraft."

The 8 conditions I mentioned above are progressive. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you if it is an attack of witchcraft. Ask some mature trusted prophetic people who have discernment to pray with you to see if the root of your attack is witchcraft. Now we don't want to get "spooky" here with this. Not every attack or challenge in your life is witchcraft. But then some may be.

The "key" for Elijah to come out of the cave and stop having the suicidal thoughts was for him to "hear" the voice of God. But interestingly enough, it came as a "still small voice." Like the feather of a dove moving across your heart - subtle - not dramatic.

When God told him in the cave to stand on the mountain in His presence for He was about to pass by, Elijah was execting to hear God's voice in the wind - the earthquake - and the fire he experienced. But instead God's voice came in the gentle whisper.

Standing at the mouth of the cave, God asks Elijah: What are you doing here? Of course Elijah goes into his spiel that he is the only righteous one left, etc etc etc. God tells him He has 7,000 in Israel who haven't compromised. God gives him instructions of where he needs to go. And as Elijah goes on his way, he finds and calls Elisha to be his disciple.

Of course, I could do a long message on each of these points - but I just felt that some needed to discern if they are perhaps under an attack of witchcraft like Elijah was. Cry out to God. Even if like Elijah, your assessment of things may not be 100% correct because your emotions have jacked up your perspective.

Cry out to Him. Find a cave to get in - find that secret place.....and listen for His voice. It may not come in a dramatic way - it may just come as gentle whisper - a still small voice that will put destiny and motivation back in you to get your feet moving forward.

Then come out of the cave with victory in your heart because you have heard His voice and have heavenly instructions to navigate by.

Psalm 29:3-9 The Voice of the Lord is powerful, majestic, and it judges things - including witchcraft!!

Source: Axel Sippach

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