How To Live With Your Neighbours.

I want to take you through simple and humble tips on how to live with your neighbors. After all it is not the "OIL" that matters at the end of the day. It is the people around you who feel what you feel.I am grateful that I live with neighbors from different cultural background.

Some are difficult but I still smile at them and I am glad to say I am in good books with them. I never look at my neighbors with suspicion. I know that I am also a neighbour in their eyes. Of course there are some who will always be difficult, but i do appreciate them anyway.

I thought it very reasonable to share with you what normally would be no writer's interest. It is tips on how to be a good neighbour and live in peace with your fellow neighbors.

Perform Small Acts Of Kindness: Help your neighbour with their DIY. (Yes Its meant to be a Do It Yourself) But help them anyway. I regularly travel between the city and my farm. So I normally bring them compost and manure for their gardens. I help them with their gardening.
How To Live With Your Neighbours.
I also do have a lot of basic tools which I freely use together with my neighbors.

Greet Your Neighbors: Make an effort to always stop by to greet your neighbors and find out how they are doing. Do this with a smiling face knowing full well that you benefit for being friendly to people. Never underestimate the power of greeting a neighbour.

I have discovered that most people now don't even greet. They just wave and say things in their hearts. I encourage you to go out there and greet people around you. An open hand ready to help will find it easy to greet and shake hands.

What are the Benefits? When your neighbors feel appreciated they will feel great. Out of good gestures can lifelong friendships be born. The whole reason why you are around your neighbors is on purpose. You are not there by mistake but by divine connection.

Do it More and regularly: Be kind to everyone around you. Do it for all your neighbors. In times of difficulties it pays to be friendly to everyone. This goes beyond religion. Love people naturally. Go beyond race, color or religion.

Be grateful for the neighbors you have. Remember you are also a neighbor.

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