Effective Tools To Fight Unkindness

We all wish for the elusive ideal world where everyone is kind to one another. The level of kindness in humanity is fast dwindling into thin air. We are much more concerned about the ozone layer (which we don't quite fully understand) instead of focusing on the simple acts of kindness that could change this world. When we are kind, we see the beauty in others.

Organisations such as Random Acts Of Kindness were formed to try and teach people to be kind towards each other.

But what is kindness? Kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. This is a quality. A measure of excellence which in my opinion is learnt over a long period of time. It is a refinement of a person which I believe should be taught from very tender ages.
Effective Tools To Fight Unkindness
I found out that one of the ways in which we can learn kindness is to find ourselves in a place we've never been and where we don't know the language. This will definitely push us to the boundaries. We are reduced to simple persons who are prepared to learn to be friendly, generous and considerate. When I travelled away from my country for the first time, I found myself around people who spoke languages that I had no clue about. I did not understand anything about what they were doing and I was reduced to an effective listener. I knew that my life depended on effective listening and following instructions.
Putting ourselves in situations that open our eyes and minds is essential to human development.
It shatters stereotypes and leads us into the path of learning to be kind to one another.

Let us today start learning the art of being kind. I have used three words as per the dictionary definition to help us learn to be kind.

Friendliness: Learn to be friendly to someone you don't know. Teach your children and other people to be friendly. At times word of mouth is not enough to encourage people to be friendly. You have to take action to be friendly.
Generosity: To be generous requires enjoyment of being free from meanness or smallness of mind. be selfless and share the little that you have with a stranger. I am not asking for money ladies and gentlemen. Even sharing of ideas and encouragement is generosity in itself. The joy of giving is enormous. When we freely give we empower ourselves to greater levels of possibilities.

Considerate: Let us all be careful not to inconvenience or harm others. We are all God creation and each one of us is on a special mission. We all have a special purpose. Sometime our minds gets clouded in intense competition of business and excellence and we forget to be considerate. When you encounter others always be humble.

I have always expressed myself to people around me that I am not in competition with anyone at all. I am on a special mission and one day when I am gone, I would desire to have left a name associated with kindness.

Always be kind and see the beauty in others.

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