Your Fuel To Destiny.

Science has discovered that wherever you see activity, work being done, progress or life then there is energy being used up. Of the source of this energy, Science has no answer and it has concluded by a law saying, “energy is neither formed nor created but is converted from one form to another”. Having discovered the place taken by energy in every day to day activity we can by simple logic deduce that for activity and progress in our lives we need energy.

Every one of us has a purpose in life and this can be identified from the fact that there is a power behind all existence and all that is in existence came from this power otherwise the power would not have brought anything into being. To be able to fulfil this purpose, if the purpose involves activity then there is a need for energy. To fulfil and walk in your purpose there is a place you have to reach, a stature to acquire and a shape to take. This place where one has all the resources in place, whether material, psychological, emotional, physical or Spiritual is called destiny. The all time bestseller book describes how the history maker, Jesus grew saying, “Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.”[Luke 2: 52] I will write in detail about purpose, destiny and vision in blogs to come.
Your Fuel To Destiny.
To reach this place of destiny one needs energy and this energy is from the fuel of desire. A desire is a longing or craving, as for something that brings satisfaction or a hunger. Desires originated from God in the first place when he created man. Desires are originally God given energies designed to keep man from failing our destinies. The reason why God gave man these energies of desire is for him to be a successful and thriving being. God never designed man to be a failure and he fuelled him with desires .These desires are rooted in how we are made and in the Makers divine assignment and are designed to benefit God, society and the one who carries them hence they are good and necessary.

God placed in everyone three basic desires that provide the needed energies to be fruitful and fulfil our purposes. These are; the desire to procreate, desire to rule and desire to provide [Genesis 1: 28-29].These desires work in interrelation to provide whatever energy needed for any endeavour. I will continue to explain on the working of these desires in further articles. Misdirected desires are the major energies that are continually causing disorder and chaos.

All the accomplishments and successes of your life have been fuelled by desire and all failures are a result of misdirected, quenched, blocked or destroyed desires. When one is young they believe that they can do and become anything in life but as they grow up and meet the challenges of life they begin to believe they can do little or nothing at all. This is because their desires have been killed or quenched by the enemy. The devil understands the power and bearing that desires carry and he has designed a system that frustrates them or kills them by always presenting to man the impossibilities and situations that belittles man. He kills our desires by blocking the obvious roots set by the standards that are not standards at all but set to be so by the system he has designed. These seeming standards look unchangeable because they have killed the desires and motivations that are supposed to change them.

The current crisis in my nation of Zimbabwe has so much killed the desire to rule in people that works to establish order and chaos. When you see disorder and chaos it is because the people have been frustrated and frustrated desires are very dangerous to live with. Anger and bitterness are always a result of blocked desires especially when one has attempted on applying them and does not get the expected and desired results. To be successful in life one has to strive to keep the desires ablaze and if they have been quenched then they have to be rekindled.

Having understood the crucial role carried by desire we need to understand the power of rekindling them. Desires are awakened by light in one’s heart just as desire for activity is created by the physical light. All activity begins with the rising of the sun or the switching on of light. When one is in darkness then with no effort applied he will discover he has no energy or desire to move on. Also applying the same principle, if there is no light of knowledge, skill ability or a definite assurance of pay offs or favourable outcome there is darkness in our lives. Without this light one has no energy or fuel to excel.

In conclusion there are areas where every one of us needs a rekindling of desires and there is a guaranteed source of light and it is the word of God. One of its writers calls the Word a lamp to our feet and the light to our path. Any uncertainty in our lives kills desires but the word of God has answers to all questions so more of it in your life is light always. Your number one enemy is anyone or anything that works or tries to kill or quench your desires. KEEP YOUR DESIRES ABLAZE AND YOU ARE FUELED TO DESTINY, YOUR ENGINE WILL NOT STOP RUNNING.- Coach Tarie-Arise Africa Cause

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