Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Opportunities Are You In or Not?

Mark Zuckerberg’s hint about another multi-billion dollar untapped Facebook opportunity generated a lot of interest among readers. One of the readers joked that the article about untapped opportunity was the better devil in comparison to article on retrenchment and job losses.

Start making things happen instead of waiting for them to happen. Technological evolution is not happening randomly. To breakthrough, study the patterns of technological evolution. Entrepreneurial doors are always opening at specific points in the evolution. As Facebook, Google or any other company does well, always remember that there is something in there for you too.

I will certainly help those who are interested in setting up their own websites and most important of all assist them in monetising their sites.
Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Opportunities Are You In or Not
Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Opportunities Are You In or Not.
Please note that this is not a new concept at all. It has been there even before I knew how to navigate my way into the internet. If you want to prove that these concepts have always been existent just from a layman’s point of view google AdSense and see what it means.
Willingness To Learn
The concept of online business is very simple if you are prepared to learn and persevere. Find yourself a good individual who can do simple code for you. At first it was very intimidating to me but I am grateful to my mentor Oudney Patsika who taught me. I don’t even view myself as an expert. I submit to him and I am always willing to ask questions as explained in the previous article. If you are unlucky and find the real IT guys you may be asked to pay for something that you won’t even understand.

Success In Online Business.
To succeed in online business always be prepared to exploit established company weaknesses. Find out what these companies are not giving you and strike on those weaknesses. As an online entrepreneur I don’t focus my efforts on what established companies do best. Instead I pounce on their weaknesses. I make it easy for my clients to do something in a very simplified way. I make calls to people struggling with their work. I support people that I have given a service to. I try and ensure that I attend to each and every need raised by my clients.

It is possible to make it happen. What is worthy of you? Be hungry and be relentless in pursuing these business opportunities. Always remember You cannot climb the success ladder with your hands in the pocket. By Arthur Mutambara

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