Understanding Entrepreneurship (Part 1)

Many hear the word entrepreneurship and many things come into their minds and many think it is something distanced from them and out of their reach.

What is entrepreneurship?

This is term is generally understood to be applicable to the business world as business is always limited to buying and selling. In its simplest form business is just solving a problem to get a reward.

I have come across many definitions of entrepreneurship and I have selected a few that tackle the subject on a broader scale and have taken the one that I think is the most comprehensive to further break it down.

I believe there is entrepreneurship capacity in everyone and it's those who have received the correct programming who express this art in their lives and find their way to the top. It's in understanding what entrepreneurship is that helps everyone discover their capacity and use it to navigate their way to the top and to maximum fruitfulness and fulfilment.
Understanding Entrepreneurship
One has defined an entrepreneur as an innovative person who maximizes his profits by following new strategies or venturing into new products or services.

Entrepreneurship is a mindset and practice of looking and acting upon opportunities for economic and or social benefits through innovation and risk taking.

Entrepreneur is any person that continuously seeks and acts upon opportunities for economic and or social gains through applying the principle of creative problem solving

All the above definitions have aspects that are common in them and we will look at one more definition to explain the aspects in simpler terms with the intention of demystifying this great endowment that is in every human being for their dominion purpose and mandate as gods of this world.

Entrepreneurship is the innate ability to sense and act upon opportunity combining out of the box thinking and a unique brand of determination in order to create and bring about something new to the world.

Innate Ability - Inherent ability is something that resides within. Something that you are born with because of the assignment that we have to fulfill on the earth by original design.

See and act upon opportunities - One once said opportunities are all around but usually appear wrapped in problems or dressed in overalls as a thing called work. An opportunity is a small slit; window or opening that is not readily discernible by many. If everyone can see it, it is no longer an opportunity. For David in the ancient Hebraic story in the bible, it was the ability to realise that Goliath was not circumcised no matter how big he was. Circumcision was a sign that someone was in good books with the God of the Hebrews and to the Hebrews if one was not in covenant with their God then he was not under the covering and protection of the Almighty. Irrespective of size and military experience, David saw an opportunity and we see entrepreneurship in operation.

Out of the box thinking
- Albert Einstein said, "The significant problems we face can not be solved at the same level we were at when we created them." It is called out-of-the-box because as human beings we are thinking substance, just like God implying that we are capable of original thought. We can come up with fresh thought that is different from the conventional way and everything new that comes into the world comes when one thinks in a way that is a notch higher than the way everyone has been thinking. Put to work every mind has this capacity and we see the bible having renewal of the mind as a central theme. The entrepreneurship capacity lies in everyone because with the mind as an elastic capacity capable of stretching as far as you want it to go we are all capable to think differently to the conventional. Animals live by instinct but man can think and decide. When God transforms things on earth apart from human thought it is his intervention because there is no mankind ready to think and act which he rarely does.

What work was God doing for 6 Days that he needed to rest since after 6 days there was nothing to be seen of the plants and animals that he is said to have been making? He was working THINKING!!!! Creation is a manifestation of serious thinking and one of the best success books ever written outside of the bible is called THINK AND GROW RICH.
A Unique brand of determination - When everything seemed to be hopeless to restore hope on earth when no one man was found to be righteous, God’s love and determination had to think through to find a way of bringing a righteous man on earth. Determination is a key requirement because people resist change. There was a problem but God brought out of the box thinking by becoming flesh. Strive Masiiwa is one of the great entrepreneurs of our time and he had the determination to wait for 5years before getting the license and in the process going through many legal and spiritual battles to protect his fortress and citadel that he had in his heart. Every great idea or vision or revelation is always followed by a contradiction and it is the virtue of determination which I call Stick-to-it-ivness that separates the successful from the rest.

Creating and bringing about something new - Everything new started as an idea, as a thought. Prayer does not bring something new directly into the world but it triggers and capacitated us to receive new things which then passes through the human mind. God will not do anything new without first revealing it to his servants the prophets. Prophets are entrepreneurs when they follow through on what is revealed to them. God is always looking for people through which he can bring new things on earth. An Entrepreneurshoip Vision is whart God has given us as Arise Africa Cause saying,

Behold, I will make thee a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth: thou shalt thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and shalt make the hills as chaff. (Isaiah 41:15 KJV)
Bringing all the attributes above is when we realize our entrepreneurship capacity and use it to make a difference to our environments. We are in this world not to make a living but to make a difference. The essence of entrepreneurship is finding where people are going or will eventually need to go and go there first so that by the time they will get there you will be charging fares for it.

Coach Tarie: Arise Africa Cause- It's a love revolution.

By Coach Tarie
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