The Entrepreneurship Capacity vs Entrepreneurship Spirit.

The greatest entrepreneurs where not people with special gifts and endowments but they just had entrepreneurship capacity like everybody else. The entrepreneurship capacity is what we are born with just as in the previous part we described entrepreneurship as an inert ability. It’s in us by original design as the creator capacitated us for what were supposed to do.

What separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest of the world is the unique spirit (attitude) which in this article is what we are calling ‘the entrepreneurship spirit’. It is this attitude that create an environment where the basic attributes and characteristics common in entrepreneurship that bring the results that entrepreneurs get are nurtured.The good thing to us all is that the fundamental thing about entrepreneurship which is the capacity and potential, we all got it by being born in the image of God on purpose to be in control of the earth.
 The Entrepreneurship Capacity vs Entrepreneurship Spirit.
What is missing in many is the attitude (spirit) but it is something that can be awakened by our own choice of doing whatever it takes to renew our minds and embrace our true identity and have our defeated and broken spirits mend.

The challenge is that what is required to awaken the entrepreneurship spirit is what the bible calls WORKING out your salvation (Philippians 2: 12) as many would do all that it will take to run away from work.

God is the Master Entrepreneur and he created man after his image and Likeness. From our definition of entrepreneurship we see God filling every bit of it. His work of creation and his follow through demonstrates the highest level of entrepreneurship.

Man’s assignment according to Genesis 1: 26-28 of dominion over the earth, Fruitfulness, multiplication, replenishing the earth and subduing it requires entrepreneurship ability. God could not require of man what he had not capacitated him for. In every created human being is an entrepreneur an also a leader and the opportunities to exercise this capacity where there because there was a counter system in the form of the devil. Like from the start whenever the wisdom of God is set aside for luciferian ideology there is a manifestation of Formlessness , Voidness and Darkness. I understand from Genesis 1:2 that the state of affairs of formlessness, voidness, and darkness is what resulted after Lucifer was cast out of heaven to the earth as the literal translation uses the word became to say, "the earth became formless and void...."

Entrepreneurs are born in adversity and the state of affairs in Zimbabwe, Africa and the world at a large experiencing the effects of a global recession provides the best environment for entrepreneurs. There is a need for rebuilding and restoration and entrepreneurs have to rise.

With everyone having the entrepreneurship capacity it is now the responsibility of everyone to do whatever is necessary to awaken the entrepreneurship spirit. It happens by the renewal of our minds with information that is edifying and that is positive and the word of God being the best and tested source. It is only the word of God that is consistent with the nature of this spirit or attitude, no wonder why the Greatest Entrepreneur who ever lived said,
"The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life. 64 Yet there are some of you who do not believe." [John 6:63-64]NIV
One of the greatest entrepreneurs of old, who took a group of 3.5 million spirit broken and defeated slaves out of bondage against strong armies and difficult adverse conditions of the wilderness instructed his successor of the source of material to rebuild broken spirits and the entrepreneurs manual saying,
"This Book of the Law shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may observe and do according to all that is written in it. For then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall deal wisely and have good success". (Josh 1:8) AMP
The entrepreneurship spirit comes with self-discovery and man getting to embrace their true identity. From this foundation of knowing oneself, other attributes can rest such as risk taking, determination, creativity and confidence. The person who knows who they are can attempt to do new things and are no longer afraid because they know that their identity is not hinged on successes and failure. We are not defined by outcomes of projects but by our relationship to God and the value that he has placed on us as the epitome of his creation.

The Entrepreneurship spirit is founded on meekness which I have defines as the attitude that says, "I am not what I know, what I have and what I can do but I am an unlimited and dimensionless spirit connected to the ultimate intelligence and wisdom who has made all that is and set in motion the systems that govern everything."

David manifested entrepreneurship traits and abilities because he had a glimpse of the true identity of man- a little lower than God [Psalm 8: 4-6]

Those who know their God shall be strong and do great exploits (entrepreneurs) because in knowing God you are learning about yourself as you are created in His image.

Caleb had a different spirit (entrepreneurship spirit) which others didn’t have. This is what distinguished him from the rest and he got what many did not get in the land. The rest had the capacity but not the spirit according to the word.[Numbers 14: 24]

People are afraid to fail because they allow failure to define them but failure is not failure if you take it as a learning process and draw lessons from it and take the price you pay as school fees, it becomes a jewel on your road to success-Coach Tarie: Wisdom Garden

This is why when Thomas Edison (One of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time) was asked what it felt to have failed 10000 times and he replied, ‘I never failed 10000 times but I discovered 10000 ways that do not work and with every way that did not work I was eliminating what do not work until only what worked remained’.

By Coach Tarie
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