"The Spirit Of #Cecil Is Haunting Me" Cried One Vendor.

Having seen how dire the situation in the city centre has taken ,one enterprising vendor thought she had the perfect ,fail proof plan. Bake muffins for sell.Her premise was that people had to eat no-matter how tough conditions were so she enlisted the help of a fellow church member to give her a crash programme in cake making, baking of muffins to be specific.

Off she when to buy the baking trays and the required ingredients. She measured them precisely according to the instructions she had got from her friend. She popped the first pan into the oven with heat turned up to 160° and proceeded to fill the second tray.
"The spirit of #Cecil is haunting me" cried one vendor.
After rising slightly the muffins stopped. She transferred the half risen tray of muffins to the top shelf in her mini-oven and waited anxiously to see the results. She even cranked up the heat to 250° but instead of raising further the muffins started turning brown, then a darker shade of brown. The muffins unfortunately could not raise any further. Four times she tried with the same result.

Utterly frustrated she went and showed her est-while teacher the results of her efforts. The friend consoled her and gave a few hints as to why things might not have worked out and encouraged her to try again .

The following day, sure that she could nail the art of baking, she tried again but the results were the same. To quit or not to quit that is the question facing her as I write. (We will follow the efforts of this brave kitchen warrior in our next post.)
By: Patrick Gwangwara

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