Enlarge The Place Of Your Tent

Hello good friends: I have learnt in life that everything that is not growing is dying. If you are alive you must grow. Growth is a sign of life.

The scripture in Isaiah 54 tells us to build a bigger capacity in all that we do. I have read this scripture many times but something struck me as I visited the home of the legend Archbishop Asa Gurupira. He invited in for a tour of his spacious double story house showing me all the rooms. It was awestruck!

After the tour he said to me, "Son I have shown you all this so as to broaden your scope of life. I am just challenging you to do great things." The scripture came alive. What sweet words daddy, you said to me. You are indeed a father.
Enlarge The Place Of Your Tent
My mindset has changed. Mega Prosperity starts with a mega mindset (Apostle Alexander Chisango). I encourage you to start thinking outside the box today. Mega Prosperity starts with thinking bigger than what you are today

Start with the small things:

  • There are millions of recipes other than the 3 you cook for your family.
  • There is more to transport than rail and road.
  • There is more to prayer than, God bless our food Amen.
  • There is more to accommodation than two rooms 
  • There is more to education than O level 
  • There is more to properties than owning 5 suits, a car and a house. 
  • There is more you can accomplish in marriage than this 
  • There is more you can do as a single in this life. You are lonely but not alone, Jesus and all of us are for you.
  • There is more to life than this life.
  • There is more...there is more...there is more!
Enlarge your capacity, enlarge your tents, enlarge yourself. We are in the season of MEGA. I see MEGA coming your way in Jesus' mighty name!

Though your beginning was small, your latter end shall greatly increase!
By: Apostle Pride Sibiya

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