The Power Of Good Habits

Have you ever learnt to take up a new personal interest? If you've ever felt the experience of earnestly doing something you have never done you probably, know how satisfying it can feel to reach a significant goal.

Apart from learning something new, you would have changed yourself for the better. That's an empowering thought!

I have come to a realisation that it is important to build good habits in order to usher in positive changes in one’s life. I had never done coding in my entire life but the repeated actions of continuously trying hard, listening to my mentor Oudney Patsika, forgoing my sleep and putting in a lot of hours helped me build the change in my daily life.

In this two part article, I will share with you how good habits helped me grow personally and professionally.
The Power Of Good Habits
The Power Of Good Habits
Identify What You Want to Achieve
The first task I had when I set out to establish my own business was to sit down and write down my personal and professional goals. I was very clear on what I wanted to achieve. I wanted to get involved in the mainstream economy instead of looking for a job to satisfy my monthly needs. I was hungry to start my own business. I knew that nothing would satisfy my hunger to own and run my own entity.

I had to change my habits of spending what I did not have. I started working first before I spent on a daily basis. I developed the habit of not accepting free lunches and instead work. These habits were not a walk in the park at all.

Build Good Habits Into Your Routine
I made it a routine in my everyday life to ensure that I accommodate my new habits into my day to day living. It was difficult to change my old habits. I was not easy on myself in introducing new habits. Instead I built my habits into my most productive parts of my schedules. My last employer was a Consulting firm and my job was a 0730hrs to 1700hrs job. Instead I created time for myself and would be in office one hour thirty minutes before start time to ensure that I produced better quality reports well before they were required. I developed a habit of giving my work full attention.
I acted like I was the owner of the company. Copying the employer’s good habits and leaving the unwanted ones. I repeated this for a full year until I gave a six months’ notice to leave the job. I knew that the good habits learnt over a long period were enough to carry me through any terrain.

Reflect On Your Habits
I continuously assessed my new habits and reflected on how it worked for me. My aim was to emphasise on habits supporting my goals and ambitions. I struggled with some of my habits because they were too ambitious. For instance I tried to learn everything and faced organisational bottlenecks and inefficient top management. I did make adjustments to my habits. I also had to deal with management that did not allow thinking outside the box.

In my final article I will be sharing the last two areas which I realised were crucial in ensuring that my habits stuck.

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