Self improvement and The Vendor

There are vendors who have been on the streets of Harare or other urban centres for more than five years. Granted the economic situation in the country is not the best but surely the Informal Traders association can do more for the vendors they purport to represent.

I haven't heard of any seminars or courses that have been set up to educate vendors on the best ways of managing their finances.Surely if one has been selling for the past five years one could have improved ones business to the extend that one could have grown big enough to rent a shop and sell from a formal set up.
Self improvement and The Vendor
I believe one of the biggest hinderance to the improvement of the vendor is the fact that the so called association only becomes prominent in times like these,when there are cameras.Surely if the association could rally vendors together,it could be able to lease any one of the disused buildings in these centres where they sell ,then allocate stalls to their members who would have security of tenure as well as being able to create good will among their customers.

Unless the reason why vendors are on the street is to sell whilst waiting for the economy to pick up then we are going about this the wrong way.These informal traders could come together pull their resources and then buy their stock in bulk with the resultant buying power they would be able to negotiate prices.

Alternatively they could buy from the multitude of informal tailors filling the council flats in Mbare.The list of things that vendors can do in order to be masters of their destination are limitless.Right now they are just pawns dancing to the tune of the person supplying the second hand clothes and the powers-that -be who use them as fodder in their political battle.

This problem of the non performing economy requires the same zeal and effort as what was exerted during the liberation struggle, doing things for the common good ,selfless dedication to the cause .Right now it's each man for himself and the devil take the hindmost.
By: Patrick Gwangwara

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