Count Your Blessings and Be The Change You Want To See.

I grew up during an era when one counted their blessings and we did not take things for granted.

I have a 20 year old nephew who believes that whenever I visit their home then his mobile ATM is available. His justification is that I was not present for most of the time whilst he was growing up, hence I have to folk out money for airtime whenever he wants to call his girlfriend. So in his words I have to give him my wallet so that he can "chop" my money.
Count Your Blessings and Be The Change You Want To See.
Most youths nowadays have this entitlement mentality, "The government should provide jobs for us", "my uncle/ aunt is in the diaspora therefore he/ she should buy me a smartphone".
To get back to my nephew, I love him a lot. What angers me is the fact that he is educated, he even knows how to create "Beats" on his computer and he is actually a Dj of note in his town but he just does not want to go that extra mile to ensure that the God given talent is honed and exploited for his own good. I have tried on several occasions to explain to him that he does not need the most advanced Dj deck in order to be a success but to know avail.

Society to a large extend now ,wants things done instantly ,instant marriages and divorce ,instant coffee, etc. This need for instant gratification is ruining natural progression in which things are supposed to happen. First you plough ,then you sow and then tend and then lastly harvest.

On a daily basis people somewhere are on strike over shortcomings in service delivery, lack of employment or housing. In most instances if the people striking are asked what they want done, the answer inevitability is that they want the government to do this, that or the other.

My argument is if one is not happy about what is happening in their communities, Do something about it. Be the change you want to see. Lead by example. Small changes made over a long period of time will change environments and peoples attitudes. It is time we got off our backs and did something instead of blaming others for our ill fortunes or unfortunate circumstances. Small positive things done everyday over a period of time will help one have a positive outlook and will most definitely help make them be better community members.
By: Patrick Gwangwara

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