Reset and Rejuvenation

There are times that change of focus and direction is required in life. I could more specifically call it a reset of the mind. Such instances sometimes come through listening and interaction with people who are knowledgeable.  In this day and age it has become easier to get lost than find a friend to inspire you into a renewal process.

I befriended a young enthusiastic Christian man Simbarashe Stewart Kamwendo. I immediately realized that I needed more than an Engineer in my life. The young man became a bother and confidant to me. We could discuss anything and even treaded into issues that normally would be a no go areas. He is an Engineer by profession. The young man is very passionate about innovation. I immediately realized that I needed an Engineer to catapult me to new thinking heights. To think differently in all aspects, I revisited myself to the times when I was young and could comprehend almost every subject matter. I realized that after attaining professional qualifications I became stagnant and limited myself in what I could do.
Reset and Rejuvenation
Reset and Rejuvenation
My meeting with Simba was just extraordinary. We immediately became friends. I am glad that our first major consensus was that we are Christian. It made discussion in every topic of life centre on hope and faith. Simba wanted answers to issues that he thought he could not understand. We always found a scripture to back our thoughts.

Potential Energy.

I recall one night that my “Engineer” called me. He spoke to me about potential energy. I immediately recalled the definition of potential energy as learnt in High School.
Potential Energy Definition: Potential energy is that energy which an object has because of its position. It is called potential energy because it has the potential to be converted into other forms of energy, such as kinetic energy. Definition courtesy of Wikipedia.

I immediately carried out a self inspection of who I am in real life. It was an honest audit to take account of what I had potential to be against what I had actually done. I realized that I had potential to do anything and was not limited by anything except myself. I took out all my books and did a thorough revision of what I achieved in life. I took out my certifications and looked at my academic transcripts. I took stock of everything that I had learnt. I compared the two and was left disheartened at how much I had ignored the potentiality in myself. I came to a full realization that a University degree and professional qualifications only open one’s mind to think further than ideas taught.

Potential! Potential! Potential! Potential!. This became my wake up voice each morning. What is it that I have potential to do? What is it that I will actually do? If I achieve an equal between these two then there would be no way I could not live a satisfied life. It was then that I set out to always keep a balance on what I can potentially do each day against what I actually do.

You too have potential. Reset your mind. By Arthur Mutambara

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