Cecil The Lion: The Lion In You Series #1

I recently made a personal request to Arthur Mutambara to write articles which are in alignment with our Tiyambuke International Christian Convention theme 'Footprints of The Legends.' to be hosted by Apostle Sibiya in the first week of September this year 2015 and he got inspired to write a series about 'The Lion In You.' I hope you will follow his new series. He wrote the second article in a series of articles titles:
Cecil The Lion: Lessons for You and For Me. I hope you will enjoy this article.

As the debate about Cecil The Lion rages, we start the first in a series of The Lion in You. The aim of the series is to unlock the lion in each one of us. Legends that leave footprints have a lion’s heart. They serve the interests of the next generation and will always fight to preserve their true identity.

Lions possess characteristics that are a great example to us humans. Lions roar to communicate their positions to other prides. Unconfirmed research has indicated that a Lion’s roar can be heard up to eight kilometres away. A roaring lion is enough to scare any man and animal unless of course if you are Dr. Walter Palmer or Donald Trump’s sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump who pay to hunt and to kill animals in Africa. Lions are also said to communicate through a range of behaviours and their expressive movements are very highly developed.
Cecil The Lion: The Lion In You Series
If ever your footprints are going to be in-erasable, you have to start taking lessons from Lions and applying them to your situations. The following important lessons are derived from the characteristics of a Lion.

Communicate Effectively.
You should learn to communicate beyond your boundaries just as a lion does. Communicate with everyone including those out to encourage you or to disturb you. When you roar everyone should be clear about your intentions. Legends that leave footprints are clear and straightforward. Make efforts to learn to speak. Get coaches to assist you. Develop special skills to have your voice heard.

Be A Symbol Of Strength and Courage
We all know The Lion as King of the Jungle. The world can be said to be a jungle. Be King of the Jungle. Be a symbol of strength and courage. A person of a king’s stature is known for royalty and stateliness. Be Royal and Stately. It is very rewarding to be to a person of integrity.

Derive joy from the fact that one day you will be gone and the legacy that you will be is built from the person you are today. By Arthur Mutambara

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