League Of Legends: Murongiwa Chisakayamwa Stanislaus Simon Marembo

Murongiwa Chisakayamwa Stanislaus Simon Marembo was born last in a family of four (4) boys on the 17th of March 1917. He became a teacher in 1945 before he was promoted to the position of Head-teacher up until 1946. Mr. Marembo then worked as a driver, beg boy (cashier) and later became a Hospital Clerk. He then turned himself into a successful business man, a respected entrepreneur.
Murongiwa Chisakayamwa Stanislaus Simon Marembo
Murongiwa Chisakayamwa Stanislaus Simon Marembo
Marembo and a few others who included George Nyandoro and James Chikerema organised the (Southern Rhodesia) Youth League in the early 1950’s. The league was formed as a result of repressive laws by this group of young educated ‘Zimbabweans’ as the first political organisation to articulate a political agenda for the African population in the country. In 1957, he was part of the group that founded The Southern Rhodesia National African Congress in Mai Musodzi Hall in Mbare. The group comprised some members of the Youth League founders who invited Joshua Nkomo and a few others from Matebeleland.
He was one of the 2 Executive Committee members in the original group that had Nkomo as the elected President and Chikerema Vice President. He was one of the first nationalists to be arrested in February 1959 and detained up to 1962 in Khami, Salisbury and Gokwe after they spearheaded massive political protests across the country, which led the government to declare a state of emergency and arrested many of the leaders. He was part and parcel of all the successor ‘Nationalist’ organisations after the banning of SRANC which are, National Democratic Party (1960), Zimbabwe African People’s Union (1961), PCC (1964) then ZAPU again. Mr. Marembo was later arrested and detained from April 1964 – December 1975 and was one of the first 5 people to be send to Gonakudzingwa Restriction Camp, with Mr. Nkomo, Musika, Mr. Chinamano and Mrs. Chinamano. They became a family of five (5) in a remote area of Gonakudzingwa. He was incarcerated many other times up until independence. Sadly, M.S.S. Marembo, after giving so much and putting his life on the firing line of the then dominant and hard hearted White regime, little did he know that the real enemy was waiting to pounce.

He did not live to enjoy the fruits of his labour for he suffered death by assassination on 06 February 1981.

Written By Tavakunda Marembo for Arthur Mutambara

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