Introduction: The Laws Of Kingdom Prosperity.

Everyone is in search for meaning in life and without clarity of the purpose of anything or a clearly defined correct end, meaning can never be realized by the means whenever the end is not clear - Coach Tarie: Wisdom Garden.
I have taken time to begin to extract little by little from a book that I am writing called Laws of Kingdom Prosperity. I know many, whether consciously or consciously are in pursuit of prosperity which is defined differently by everyone. Everyone has their own standard or measure of prosperity hence everyone is on its pursuit, with some seeing it as a present day reality and possibility while others see it as a future reward for a life lived today.

However you may see and define prosperity you will always be in bondage if you see prosperity as an end or as the ultimate goal in life because it was never meant to be so. Prosperity was always a means to another bigger end which we shall learn together in this series.
Let the Lord be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant. [Psalm 35: 27]
I have chosen the kind of prosperity that I have called Kingdom Prosperity because it is one form that I have seen to be the only one that comes at no cost, it comes without one having to lose any part of their being. The above quote from an ancient Hebraic king, poet, song writer and student of life whose name was David puts it better than any and I thought was worthy of attention.

Introduction: The Laws Of Kingdom Prosperity.
He was a king but knew of another Lord and King who was unique and different in his way of thinking. He discovered that it was this King who deserved to be magnified and exalted and gives the reason. He was the only King he knew of, who had pleasure in the prosperity of his servants. All kings he knew of including himself was determined to use their servants that the kings themselves would prosper at the expense of the servants, but this one king had given himself to make sure that he would prosper for the sake of the prosperity of his servants.

It is from this quote that I thought of learning about this kind of prosperity: Kingdom Prosperity. It is prosperity that one would realize because you were a subject or citizen of this Kingdom. Everyone would think this as something that was unheard of in today's living but I have come to realize that it is possible to enjoy this kind of prosperity not as a promise but a present hour reality and have it continuously.

To flow together, we have to be on the same page in understanding the terms. The Kingdom aspect is a form of government. The world has seen many systems of government from Feudalism, Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, and many other forms until mankind has finally settled on Democracy. All these forms did not take pleasure in the prosperity of the servant and even democracy which many have confidence in, is failing dismally.

There was a form of government that came by original design in the history of the existence of man. It was called the Kingdom of God when the creator made man in his image and made him a steward of his creation to extend this rule to the new territory that he had made called the earth. Man rebelled against this system and thought otherwise and in their desire to find a system of government that would do better has tried all the above mentioned systems of governance to no avail.

The one who had originally set the Kingdom of Heaven system of governance however after the rebellion of man promised from the beginning of the coming of a Saviour who would come to re-establish His Kingdom system of governance on earth. One foretold his coming centuries before he came saying,

Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice.... [Isaiah 9: 7]

Centuries later the man came and wherever he went he told everyone who came to him about the arrival of this Kingdom telling everyone that the Kingdom had arrived. The name of this man is Jesus Christ and many have taken him as a religious figure and built a religion after him and yet he never talked about religion but establishing a kingdom. They have missed the system of governance that he talked about and are failing to realize the prosperity that even servants will have in this kingdom. It is by studying this kingdom that I thought of helping many who joined religions after this man and are failing to get his kind of prosperity or are postponing it to the future. I am also writing to those who saw this man as a religious figure and were put off by the mention of his name because of the stench of religion yet it is him who carries the keys of prosperity which not many have realised even after amassing so much wealth- A Prosperity more than money and wealth.

Jesus Christ was never a religious man but a King introducing a Kingdom and the principles that would help anyone who chose to live under his government to enjoy prosperity. We will learn how this Government operates and the laws and principles that will help one enjoy prosperity.

Kingdom prosperity is what this man called abundant life. [John 10: 10, 3 John 2, Romans 8: 1-4] and does not only consist of material wealth but everything that one needs for a full and maximum living.

Prosperity Is Simply Having Enough of God’s Provision to Complete His Instruction for Your life—enough of His provisions to accomplish His commands said one man.

Kingdom Prosperity is Holistic and encompasses many aspects which I think Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and grow rich captured to a certain extend including the following aspects.
  1. The right mental attitude [2 Timothy 1: 7]
  2. Sound physical health, Immortality[3 John 2}
  3. Harmony in relationships. 
  4. Freedom from fear. [2 Timothy 1:7]
  5. Hope for future achievement.
  6. Capacity for Applied Faith- The Just shall live by faith. [Habakkuk 2: 4, Romans 1: 17]
  7. Willingness to share one’s blessing with others.
  8. To be engaged in the labour of love. 
  9. An open mind on all subjects to all people.
  10. Complete self-discipline.
  11. Wisdom of which to understand people.
  12. Finances.
It takes kingdom wisdom which is wisdom of a higher plane to have this kind of Kingdom prosperity. [James 3: 13-17]
It is from this understanding that I will share more than 50 principles that irrespective of race, age, geographical location, and social status one can enjoy this kind of kingdom prosperity. I am inviting you in this journey as I will be giving you a daily blog on this subject as we take one principle at a time until we begin to defy the limitations of democratic form of governance and enjoy the prosperity of the kingdom of Heaven.
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