Harare Vendors: I Can See Clearly Now.

As the Harare Vendor story unfolded, I chose to stand by the sidelines lest I be known which side I was on. I was never clear as to which side I belonged. Sitting in public transport into Harare, I would never join conversations about vendors for fear of letting my feelings out to the whole world. I was not sure whether government was going to fulfil my wishes.

When government gave a green light to the Harare City Municipality to use force to eject vendors from the streets of Harare, I immediately took the side of the vendors but deep down within me I was happy that at least something was being done. When news first reached my ears that Vendors wares had been torched in the dark of the night, I felt it was not enough. I wanted more from the authorities. I wanted the town to be clean again. I wanted the situation to change for the better. I wanted the sunshine city that I had known in the 80s to come back again. That was in my mind. Deep down in my heart I wanted more and more from the government . I was against the vendors.
Harare Vendors: I Can See Clearly Now.
Harare Vendors: I Can See Clearly Now.
As The Harare Municipality stood firm on their resolution to clean up the city, I felt my heart lightening up. Enough was enough. I longed for those beautiful blooming Jacaranda trees to flower the Harare City Again. I longed for the good old times in the streets of Harare when licking ice-cream was possible.
Walking through the city streets on Saturday the 1st of August, I for the first time in many years realised the possibility of making Harare City clean again. Sanity is slowly returning to the city. It has become talk of the town that Harare is back to normal again and everyone is demanding more from the Municipal authorities. The vendors are on their own. I looks like no one is on the vendors side anymore. Of course there will always be casualties in any change process. It is true that the authorities had to fight their way back.

Change has come to Harare. We are learning new things resulting from change. We will discover new horizons that we could not have reached had we had remained with the crowded streets. We as Harare residents have learnt to adapt to a new environment. People should be able to adapt to new environments without difficulty.

We have always been crying out that Harare has gone to the dogs. Something had to be done by someone. No Pain no gain. Someone out there had to shed tears in order for the process to succeed. We are all aware that nothing will ever improve own its own. Things have to be done differently to make change take effect.

We all look forward to the expected benefits of the changes that have happened in Harare.

Things are seemingly taking shape in Harare after a public outcry against the Municipality for removing the vendors. Change is always difficult.

I can see clearly and I can let my position about the Harare vendors known.
By Arthur Mutambara

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