Extra-Ordinary League Of Legends: Celebrating Zimbabwe's Fallen Legends.

True Legends never die. They might die a physical death after being shot by a bullet, but their action never die. They always remain in our memories. Heroes or Legends we call them. This is one of the reason why every year Zimbabwe sets apart time to celebrate its own Legends or Heroes.

Legends Have A Strong Commitment. 
Legends have a strong commitment and this often requires deep personal sacrifice. The major difference between an altruistic person and hero (legend) is usually their conscious effort to give up something so that others can be better off. To be a legend (hero) you may have to risk losing your free time, social status, your economic advantage and wealth, your comfort or security, or even your life.
Extra-Ordinary League Of Legends: Celebrating Zimbabwe's Fallen Legends.
Extra-Ordinary League Of Legends: Celebrating Zimbabwe's Fallen Legends.
You are going to have to give up something personal to achieve something greater. What makes a hero different than the average person is that they value their goal and are determined to reach it no matter what they must sacrifice. The Extra-Ordinary League Of Legends who are buried at Zimbabwe's National Heroes Acre are men who sacrificed their lives. Yet even though they are dead, their actions still remain embedded in our hearts.
The National Heroes Acres (The Acre Of Legends), is the pride of the people of Zimbabwe. It is a symbol of bravery and selflessness for those whose remains are laid to rest there. Towering majestically is the Tomb of the Unknown soldier which symbolises the final resting place for tens of thousands of Zimbabweans who sacrificed their lives for the sake of our freedom and independence, but whose remains are scatered in the valleys, disused mines, caves, unknown graves and mass graves spread accross the nation and neighbouring states.
Zimbabweans who waged a protracted, bloody and arduous armed struggle against the white settlers whose remains are laid to rest at the Heroes (Legends) Acre:

The League Of Our Fallen Legends - Heroes.
  1. Takawira, Leopold Tapfumaneyi "The Lion of Chirumhanzu".
  2. Chitepo, Herbert Witshire Hamandishe.
  3. Tongogara, Gen. Josiah Magama.
  4. Moyo, Jason Ziyaphapha "JZ".
  5. Silundika, Tarcissius Malan George.
  6. Tangwena, Senator Chief Rekayi.
  7. Ndlovu, Sergeant Masotsha.
  8. Manyika, Robson Dayford.
  9. Mazorodze, Dr Simon Charles.
  10. Chinamano, Josiah Mushore.
  11. Nyagumbo, Maurice Tapfumaneyi.
  12. Ndangana, William Hlebeni.
  13. Ziyenge, Rwizi Grafton.
  14. Ndlovu, Edward Silonda.
  15. Musarurwa, Willie Dzawanda.
  16. Kadungure, Ernst Rusununguko.
  17. Mugabe, Sarah Fransesca.
  18. Makanda, Lameck Chikanga.
  19. Culvawell, Senator Joseph Luke.
  20. Mamutse, Samuel "Mayor Urimbo".
  21. Ushewokunze, Christopher.
  22. Nyandoro, George.
  23. Malunga, Sidney Donald.
  24. Chauke, Justin.
  25. Mukasa, Isaac.
  26. Nxele, Albert Pohole.
  27. Clutton-Brock, Guy.
  28. Mudukuti, George Taigarira.
  29. Chambati, Ariston Maguranyanga.
  30. Ushowokunze, Dr Herbert Musiyiwa.
  31. Duri, Willard Zororo.
  32. Shamu, Stanford Tofa.
  33. Magadzire, Garikayi Hlomayi.
  34. Vuma, Stephen Keneth Sesulelo.
  35. Marange, George Rubatso.
  36. Makombe, Nolan Chipo.
  37. Mangena, Rogers Alfred Nikita.
  38. Makonese, Philemon Takurayi.
  39. Mahlaba, Herbert.
  40. Gumbo, Brig. Gen Charles "Tigwe".
  41. Madzimbamuto, Daniel.
  42. Nkomo, Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo "Father Zimbabwe".
  43. Moyo, Sikwili Khohli.
  44. Cele, Cephas.
  45. Gezi, Border.
  46. Mahachi, Moven Enock.
  47. Hunzvi, Dr. Chenjerai.
  48. Muchachi, Clement Muneri.
  49. Nkala, Cain "Phandas Ngwenya".
  50. Chidzero, Dr. Benard Thomas Gibson.
  51. Dauramanzi, Ret. Maj. Gen. Charles.
  52. Mombeshora, Swithun Tachiona.
  53. Nkomo, Stephen Jeqe Nyongolo.
  54. Nkomo, Johana "Mama Mafuyana".
  55. Marere, Robert Mubayiwa.
  56. Muzenda, Dr. Simon Vengai "Soul of the Nation".
  57. Zikhali, Norman.
  58. Zvobgo, Julia Tukai.
  59. Dube, Mark Nuda.
  60. Parirenyatwa, Dr. Tichafa Samuel.
  61. Zvobgo, Dr. Edson Jonasi Mudadirwa.
  62. Tawengwa, Solomon Chirume.
  63. Chinamano, Ruth Lottie.
  64. Mangwende, Witness Pasichigare.
  65. Chikowore, Enos Chamunorwa.
  66. Tungamirai,Josia.
  67. Chingara, Winston.
  68. Jokonya Tichaona.

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