Coach Tarie Celebrates Apostle Sibiya's Milestone Moment.

Irrespective of how difficult and challenging the world is today, some are standing strong and challenging the challenges until success is in their hands. Many think success is not for them but success is not only realized when you finally get the desired results. There is a way that you can guarantee yourself of celebrating success as often as you want.

I know one person who has managed to celebrate success through crossing over so many times and has named the annual milestones of success ‘Tiyambuke’- ‘Crossover’. Today, with the most pleasure, I take this special privilege of congratulating a legend of our generation and locality, Apostle Pride Sibiya for a hard fought long journey of dedication, consistency, commitment, focus and endurance of 20 years of ministry.
Coach Tarie Celebrates Apostle Sibiya's Milestone Moment.
Coach Tarie Celebrates Apostle Sibiya's Milestone Moment.
This man’s consistency is an open book for many of us to read and become a generation with a difference- a generation of world changers. Like I said, success is not only measured against the final trophy that we will receive at the heavenly award ceremony but success can be measured against set goals. When you have set your own goals towards the ultimate destiny, weather daily, weekly, annually you can celebrate upon crossing over of each set target.

Following behind legends like Apostle Sibiya, I have seen how this can be a reality. The reason why the 20 years of faithful service means a lot to me is that, it’s a journey that has been walked by one of our own. I have a burden for Chitungwiza and as I see the influence of Apostle Sibiya going all over the continent as one of the fastest growing Kingdom fires of our time, my hope sees an ever burning motivation and encouragement as I see what is possible, from a man that is continuously showing that it is possible.

Many use our dormitory town of Chutungwiza just as a starting point in not a launching pad never to return again but the past 20 years has seen a work start and grow to many places without forsaking or deserting where it all started. Many have fallen by the way side but God’s grace has kept this man strong. Almost a decade ago I saw a vision of a light rising from Zengeza, Chitungwiza and covering the whole of the African Continent and I am now certain that the work that Apostle Sibiya has begun joined together with what many other Legends whom God is raising are doing will see this vision come to pass.

Could the theme of this year’s Conference which has details on the flier above and which I urge you not to miss be one of the secrets behind the man who has ministered for two decades. This man has put together a pool of Legends in the Kingdom whom I believe he has been following and learning from. Success is a science it can be studied and its principles and laws can be applied and used to produce the same results. We have been given access to legends that Apostle Sibiya has been following all brought together just for you and me at the 2015 chapter of the Tiyambuke Convention.
Good Leaders are those who have followed well and no one is a success and achieves excellence unless they have been followers of people or disciplines. Coach Tarie [Wisdom Garden]
I will take this moment to invite you all to this year’s Tiyambuke Convention so that together we can, with one voice congratulate a legend in the Kingdom, affectionately known as The General for a life changing 20 years of ministry. A 20 years that has testimonies of many who came from different backgrounds but were transformed through the working of the King of Kings in His Kingdom Mandate through the life of Apostle Pride Sibiya. Happy 20 year Anniversary General. I salute you and the work that the Lord has empowered you to do. I see a brighter future for Africa.

This year we will achieve another set goal towards the ultimate price. We will Crossover…. Tiyambuke Woye...

Happy Twentieth Anniversary, You are a legend…. A big 20
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