Apostle Sibiya Says Tiyambuke Is A Platform For Pastors To Learn.

TICC, a platform for pastors to learn.
“Each day we are witnessing the mushrooming of new churches every. It seems church has become a form of business,” noted one observer.

His remarks are not erroneous as many churches have started and soon crumbled faced with a glut of challenges leaving a trail of scandals in their wake.

Reports of clerics enticing unsuspecting congregates to feast on grass; petrol and other horrible matter have been competing for attention. Other churches have become tolerant to cases of homosexuality and human rights abuse amongst other indiscretions.
Apostle Sibiya Says Tiyambuke Is A Platform For Pastors To Learn.
Apostle Sibiya Says Tiyambuke Is A Platform For Pastors To Learn.
Meanwhile, these “atrocious acts” have made people to ask the obvious: “What kind of anointing is this, if ever it can be termed that?” In short, it appears the clergymen have become more “harmful” towards their members much more than the outside world, many have reasoned. Many congregates are now doubting “so-called ministers of God”, if ever they deserve these sanctified titles.

A platform for a remedy.
But it is not too late to transform. The forthcoming Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) is a definite platform to remedy these aforesaid shortcomings and begin to lead along the right path in God’s Kingdom.

According to the host and founder of TICC, Apostle Pride Sibiya, “This edition of TICC aims at bringing the older generation of Christian ministers and the upcoming ones, so that there will be a bond… and the older generation’s wisdom and experience…”

Legends expected to grace the event possess in more than a century of ministering God’s word and will certainly be of assistance to many future preachers from various denominations. As such, morning sessions have been mainly reserved for those willing to learn from their forefathers in God’s Kingdom.

“We are not looking for any new revelation, but to just follow in their footsteps. We did not give them topics. But for the afternoon sessions, we have extended invitations to pastors and church leaders so that these legends will speak to them, and I believe they know what to say to the younger generation,” added Apostle Sibiya.

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