Cecil The Lion: The Lion In You Series #2

Cecil The Lion is gone. Footprints Of A Legend were left behind him. Many questions are being raised about what will happen to his offspring. It is quite interesting that we are focusing of what will happen to Cecil The Lion’s offspring instead of deriving lessons on what will happen to our own offspring when we are gone. Thought provoking line indeed.

As the debate about Cecil The Lion rages, we continue the first in a series of The Lion in You and we continue to learn our lessons from this incident.

Mentor someone.
Who will take over your responsibilities when you are gone? Hwange Lion Research Project’ Brent Staplekamp confirmed that Cecil’s brother Jericho is alive and has taken over leadership of the pride and hence ensuring that even in death Cecil’s legacy continues. This smooth transition teaches us to always have people to take over our roles and responsibilities in the event of incapacitation. Legends who leave in-erasable footprints train people to take over.

Cecil The Lion: The Lion In You Series
Cecil The Lion: The Lion In You Series
Cecil was Jericho’s sibling. Jericho easily bonded with his late brother’s cubs. He is said to share kills with them and knows the lionesses very well. He protects the cubs as if they were his own.
Are you building good relationships with your brothers? Your family or business is safe when you mentor someone to take charge in the future.

Willingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise.
As I follow the whole story about Cecil The Lion, I shuddered to think of what would have happened had he not been willing to train Jericho.

It is rewarding to be willing to teach what you know to someone. Never underestimate the importance of grooming people around you. Take your time and be committed to continually share information and ongoing support to your trainee.

Showing your trainee what it takes to be productive and successful, demonstrates the specific behaviors and actions required to succeed in the field once they are alone in the field.

When you train someone to take over do not take you responsibility as a leader lightly. You are investing in the future success of humanity.

Where Do You Start?
Teach someone something today. Find someone to share an idea with. It is not easy but it is worthwhile.

Let the Lion in you remember to leave footprints of a legend. Train someone today.

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