What Is A Legend - Common Traits of True Legends.

Glory Ministries is getting ready to host one of most dynamic events that it have ever hosted in all its years of ministry. The ministry will be hosting a convention passionately referred to from its abbreviation as TICC (Tiyambuke International Christian Convention.) under the event theme 'Footprints Of The Legends.'

The event is being hosted in Chitungwiza in the fist week of September. The theme 'Footprints Of The Legends.' has truly man me to sit down reflect on my own career path and walk with God. It has made me ask myself questions that beg for an answer and in areas where I have fallen short in my personal assessment - it has pushed me to the limits to change and transform. I am now continuously asking myself these questions:
  • Will I ever be remember in time to come as a 'legend' who left his mark on earth?
  • Am I doing enough to leave a mark or footprint in the sands of time?
  • Have I done enough to build myself into a powerful personal brand?
  • Will the name Oudney Patsika be remembered - when I am dead and gone and the only place with my my name engraved on it is my grave?
I have asked myself many more other questions as I continue to reflect on the theme: 'Footprints Of The Legends.' Of note: I have observed and researched the lives of a number of great men and women, those in our past and those currently alive, throughout the world and in my own life and, while there are many qualities of a Legends both living and dead; I have identified ten characteristics common in all the Legends that I have assessed.
What Is A Legend - Coomen Traits of True Legends.
1. Legends have their priorities in line. They know what is truly important in life, and live accordingly.

2. Legends are tender with those in need of tenderness. They are kind to the elderly, children, and those with disabilities.

3. Legends respect and honor women. They do not objectify, degrade, or demean them.

4. Legends participate in the community. They may spend time volunteering, working for a cause, or being involved with a charity.

5. Legends are honest, and have a sense of morality, integrity, and decency. They have an internal awareness of what is or is not appropriate, good, right, or decent.

6. Legends have a sense of purpose. They do not waste inordinate amounts of time in from of the TV or playing video games. They can balance fun and relaxation with work and productivity.

7. Legends are continually expanding their minds. They do not think they know it all and are open to new ideas and insights.

8. Legends have a healthy sense of self. They are confident and secure while maintaining a sense of humility.

9. Legends help and assist others. Whether in their place of employment, in their daily lives, or in the greater world at large, they have a sense of giving back.

10. Legends are in touch with their feelings, emotions, concerns, and even shortcomings. They do not feel a need for pretense or power. They can cry, have compassion, and acknowledge mistakes. They can love and be loved. Note, a true legend is not measured by the amount of money he has, the kind of car he drives, the size of his biceps, or outward appearance.A true legend reflects his greatness in his everyday life.

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