Build A Blog: Do This And Empower Yourself For Greatness In 5 Minutes.

After trying for over a year, I am happy to say that I have had my first success story as a mentor in the blogging arena. I spent the great part of my day with Arthur Mutambara teaching him how to build a blog and the thing that impressed me a lot about him is he was determined to learn. He knew from the word go that learning the basics of 'coding and blog building' was not easy; yet he never even once said "I Cannot" instead he said "I Want To" After A day's work we had gone through all the 'Inns And Outs' of building the blog.

The process was very intimidating, but he was eager to learn.

My success with Arthur Mutambara was a milestone for me because I had tried to teach my friends how to build monetised blogs so as to build an online business for more than a year. Their main reason all my friends failed to build their own online business is because they felt overwhelmed hence they would say 'We "Cannot" possibly build the online business with the simplicity that you build yours because we just "Cannot."
Build A Blog: Do This And Empower Yourself For Greatness In 5 Minutes.
Build A Blog: Do This And Empower Yourself For Greatness In 5 Minutes.
You are reading this article because there are times when you feel intimidated and afraid to start a new endevour, just like my friends, because you feel it is impossible for you to master it in a short space of time. Maybe you feel powerless and incapable of doing what you know you must do or starting what you know you must start. There are many possible reasons you might be feeling this way - for starters - you want to start a business but you just cannot think of a great idea or you want to get married but you just cannot seem to raise the money for the bride price (lobola,) etc.

The people who feel powerless and incapable of doing anything, have one thing in common: they love to use the word “I Cannot”. Just like my friends. After they said the I Cannot mantra, I knew that I had no reason to pursue my passion for them to learn the art of building their own personal blog. Maybe you are in the same predicament and are not doing what you are supposed to be doing because you feel "You Cannot." Many people have used this word so often that it is natural for them but “I Cannot” is a dangerous word. When “I Cannot” is used, all progress and creativity stops. It is a declaration that there is no other solution and that is the way it is going to be.

The funny thing about “can’t” is that it doesn’t really mean anything on its own.

It’s merely a shortcut for three possible meanings:
I Do not Want to: “I cannot go to the church tonight.” = “I do not want to go to church tonight, I would rather stay home and relax.”
I Do not Know How: “I cannot speak Shona.” = “I do not know how to speak Shona.”

I Do not Believe I Can: “I cannot lose weight.” = “Even though I know the method for losing weight and I want to lose it, I do not believe I can lose weight.”

Before you read on, test this out. Think of a time when you used “I Cannot” and see if it fits one of those three meanings. Surprised? I definitely was. I remember how excited I was when I tested out the different times I used “cannot” and realizing it really did fit one of the three meanings.

From that point on, I became aware of my usage of “I Cannot” and I began replacing it with the real meaning. I used to think “I cannot build my own websites and blogs. I do not know anything about html or programming.” but when I realized what I really meant was “I do not know how to build a website.”, it made it clear why I was not where I want to be and that I can do something about it. I really felt empowered. My website and blog are the results of this empowerment.

If you are not where you want to be, ask yourself why not? If your answer contains “can not”, is it because you do not want to, you do not know how to or you do not believe you can. If you do not want to, then that is fine because that is your choice.

If you do not know how, you can choose to learn. The easiest one of the three to overcome is if you do not believe you can because all you have to do is change your belief which takes about one second and can be done without getting up from your chair. There you have it with some time to spare. Remove "I Cannot” from your vocabulary today and get ready to make some real progress in your goals and in your life by turning your dreams into possibilities. Remember: There is really no such thing as “I Cannot”.

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