People Will Pay for What Is Important to Them.

I have been running a design business for over five years now and I no longer charge for my services as I used to in the early days of my business. In those early stages of my business, I did not know what the design market could bear, I was terrified of scaring away clients with overly ambitious rates, and I was pretty skeptical that anyone would even be willing to pay for something that came so easily to me.
People Will Pay for What Is Important to Them.
People Will Pay for What Is Important to Them.
As a result, I low-balled my rates, took on low-paying work, and quickly burnt out because I was working hard - not smart. After such hard work the compensation was so low that it just did not make any sense to continue designing.

Now I see the value in what I do, and it makes it easier to walk away from clients who insist they can not afford my rates. "Keep me in mind when you have the budget to pay professional rates," I tell them. The smart ones realize that what I can do for them is worth it. The others... well, they are not the types of clients I'm looking for.

The next time a clients complains about your prices, just remember that: People Will Pay for What Is Important to Them

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