CUT THE ZEROS: Here's An Easy Way To Get People To Pay For Your Services.

Have you ever wondered why shop owners charge $9.99 for a product that obviously costs $10.00 or $99.99 for a product that costs $100.00. It is called the psychology of pricing. The extra zeros frighten the customers.This is especially true to the Zimbabwean who grew up at a time when we had so many zeros in our dollar bills. It has been proven that the extra zeros on your invoice have a way of frightening your clients.

Remember: Whenever you are in a position to charge someone - as a freelancer or small business owner, for instance - you want to get the most profit possible while still offering a reasonable rate. This simple trick, may allow you to up your price without turning off customers.
Here's An Easy Way To Get People To Pay For Your Services.
Here's An Easy Way To Get People To Pay For Your Services.
It is easy: Simply cut out extra zeros. Instead of charging an even $US200, try asking for $US215. “Pricing psychology shows that no matter how hard you have worked at arriving at your carefully calculated project rate, the first thing a client sees is the number of zeroes.”

Restaurants, retail stores, and grocery stores all employ similar logic to get us to spend more. If something is priced at $US19.99 instead of $US20.00, we may be more inclined to buy because it feels like a better deal. There’s no sticker shock from seeing a line of zeros, even if the product is only a few cents cheaper.

Using a more specific number also makes it look like you put in extra time to calculate costs down to every minute detail, which shows clients that the charge isn’t just an arbitrary number.

“If you’re pricing your services right - based on true value - you will not be lying to your clients, This is not about misrepresenting yourself. It’s about making the proposal and bid process smoother.”

In the end, everyone wins: You maximise your time and profits, and your client feels confident about what they pay.

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