Zimbabweans in South Africa challenges the African National Congress to stop aligning themselves with Zanu-PF.

Zimbabweans living in South Africa despite the scurry xenophobia attacks occurring against foreigners have challenged the South African government of African National Congress to stop aligning themselves with Zanu-PF back home which has destroyed the economy leading to the mass exodus to neighboring countries.

Zanu-PF back home is accused of causing serious economic and political challenges to the nation which has resulted to mass loss of jobs and closure of companies leaving the people only to pre occupy themselves with streets vending.
Zimbabweans in South Africa challenges the African National Congress to stop aligning themselves with Zanu-PF.
Mxolisi Ncube based in Johannesburg said if South Africans really want them to go back to Zimbabwe - instead of burning their brothers and sisters alive, they must put pressure on their ruling ANC party to stop co-habiting with Zanu-PF.

"There is no gainsaying the fact that Zimbabweans are in South Africa as a splinter reaction to Mugabe's despotic rule and mismanagement of the economy," said Ncube.

"The sooner that is addressed, the sooner we will turn our backs on this country. However, since the days of Thabo "what crisis?" Mbeki, SA has always had a soft spot for Mugabe at the expense of ordinary Zimbabweans. Simply put, the ANC must just stop assisting Zanu-PF in rigging elections, or give us ground to train soldiers and go back to attack the regime at home."

Ncube said otherwise, this Afrophobic chopping and burning of foreigners without a solution back in their home countries will soon invite reversal rage as nearly seen in central Johannesburg today, and South Africa will never be the same again.

"Among the many Zimbabweans living in Johannesburg are a number of trained men that can simply turn a mob attack into a massacre; among the Mozambicans, Somalis, Ethiopians and Congolese there are also trained men, some of them being former rebels with a lot to lose if they are forced back to their home countries and you don't want them to pick, dust-up and wear those angry faces again," he said.

"This is not a threat but a warning for those who still believe that foreigners will remain their lambs to lead to the slaughter."

Trust Collin Sibanda warned that if Zimbabweans fight back SA government will deploy more police and soldiers then foreigners will be slaughtered. He said the violent reaction by foreigners in SA will lead to more bloodshed.

But Ncube said he was talking reality on the issue.

"Papers or no papers, I am still a human being with every right to live anywhere in the world and I remain ready to fight and defend that right," he said.

He accused Sibanda of upholding that people deserve to be so brutally killed for that because they were not in their country.

"Would you feel that way if your own blood relative came to you with an exposed skull?" he asked.

For two weeks now, SA and Africa as a whole have witnessed in silence the gruesome and horrific attacks on foreigners, mainly Zimbabweans, living in South Africa by South Africans.


Source: Byo24News

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