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Woman swallowed by muddy trench!

THE construction workers were digging holes to lay pipes when tragedy struck. Mirriam Malebo (30) from Bochabela kasi in Mangaung was working in a trench on Monday when there was a fault with an excavator and soil came raining down.

Making matters worse, a pipe suddenly burst and the soil became muddy. Mirriam drowned while two of her colleagues had to be rushed to hospital.

Municipal workers on duty nearby came running to the scene and tried to help but they were not able to save Mirriam’s life.
Woman swallowed by muddy trench!
After a struggle, they managed to get Mirriam’s body and her two colleagues out of the muddy trench.

Mangaung municipal worker Molupe Letsosa (30) said he realised something was wrong and went to investigate.

“When I arrived, the mud had come up to the shoulders of the women stuck in the trench. We tried our best to pull them out but by the time we succeeded, one of them was dead,” he said.

Mirriam’s sister, Thabile Tadi, said the family was still in shock.

Mirriam leaves behind three kids aged 12, 10 and 5 years old.

When the SunTeam visited the scene, the construction workers were on duty but they refused to talk, saying they were still in shock.

Police spokeswoman Constable Joy Xaba said there was no foul play and the tragedy seemed to have been an accident. “I can confirm that there was an accident at a construction site in Bochabela. An inquest docket was opened to find out how it happened,” she said.

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