My wife’s boyfriend torments me!

WHEN Thokozani found his wife in bed with another man, he forgave her and prayed that she would change. That was in 2003 but her cheating behaviour has continued.

Thokozani Mdladla (42), a taxi driver from Orange Farm, south of Joburg is tormented by his wife’s boyfriend.

My wife’s boyfriend torments me!
He said when the boyfriend calls his wife he asks, “Is the mageza there?”.

“Even my own children don’t call me dad, they call me mageza,” he said.

Thokozani said his wife has children with other men.

He said after ten years of being happily married to Martha Xaba (39), she started telling him he didn’t make her happy in bed.

“She started sleeping around and I was left alone with the children.”

“I’m often away from home for days. Then my children tell me that a man spends days in my bedroom while I was away.”

He said his wife is always on the phone chatting to her boyfriend and exchanging love messages and nude pictures.

“One day she left her phone behind and I was shocked to see she had been talking to a man I know. I took out a protection order for the man to stay away from the area,” said Thokozani.

“I paid lobola for my wife and I love her. I want peace in the house but we live together like angry sisters. I don’t get sex from her and I’m treated like trash,” he said.

Daily Sun spoke to Martha, who denied the allegations.

“I am always at work. Where will I find the time to bring men to the house? I have never cheated on him. He is the father of all the children in the house,” she said.

But Thokozani said they are going to court. “We will get a paternity test,” he said.

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