Ways To Keep Intimacy Alive in a Relationship

Relationships can be hard to maintain sometimes, especially when the feelings that connect you and the excitement begins to fade. Intimacy issues may be associated with the disconnection between couples as the physical contact becomes less.

Touch is a fundamental part of the human system. Studies have constantly shown the importance of regular loving touch and holding on self esteem and ties. Affectionate touch can actually boost the body’s levels of oxytocin, a happy hormone that influences bonds and attachment. Indeed, a life without physical contact can be very lonely.
Ways To Keep Intimacy Alive in a Relationship
So, to keep your intimacy stable and be more alive, here are some tips worth noting:

1. Embrace shared interests.
In a relationship, you need to maximize all resources necessary to keep it going. Know your partner’s interests. You don’t have to become an expert, but just a little bit knowledgeable. It feels really good to know that your partner is also taking an extra step to live in with you in another world you only had for yourself.

2. Be sensitive to what your partner needs/wants.
It takes two to tango. You need to keep up with what your partner needs or wants in order to respond well and give exactly what they want. It adds to their sense of belongingness.

3. Create event schedules as a couple.
It helps when as a couple, you have oriented yourselves to schedules only the two of you are involved. You become more mindful, not by memorizing dates and times, but also of the others feelings. It also improves your attachment to each other.

4. Invest time.
Of all that needs to be given, time is the most precious. Invest more time for you and your sweetheart. This will enable you to catch up and talk about the stuffs you’ve missed about each other. Not to mention it feels great to have someone willing to spend extra times with you.

5. Offer gifts/favors.
Giving is loving. But isn’t it sweet to know that someone offers you a favor even without you asking for it. It gives that feeling of importance and being really special.

6. Show off, actions speak louder than words.
I love you’s have become more of a lip service nowadays. So, it is a need to show love, more than just blabbing it out. Remember, words are sweet, but actions prove them.

7. Make use of Apps.
With the growing technology, a lot has been developed to ease communication. Make use of them! When apart, you need not to be lonely, since there are apps that offer visuals and lets you see and talk to your loved one real time. It will help in keeping the both of you connected and consistent.

8. Send each other love notes.
Let go of the  “conventional thought”, love letters are all time best sellers. It wouldn’t take so much of your time sticking an “I love you” note on the cup of coffee, or the shirt pocket or  wallet or on the car cover or in the planner, but would make him/her feel even greater about himself/herself. And it’s more than fulfilling to know you’ve painted a special smile on his/her face again.

9. Be extra thoughtful.
All it takes is a little extra. If your partner asks for a head massage, it wouldn’t hurt if you give him/her extra services; grab a relaxing lotion and massage his/her back, arms, hands and foot. Who knows? He/She might return the favor.

10. Power hugs!
Intimacy isn’t just about getting sexually physical, but about being the most sincere, most caring, most attached and more loving to each other. So never ever go on a day without power hugs! They give a boost in your journey as a couple. They release stress. They, help both of you create a more intimate relationship.
Try these out now. And see where it takes you. *Winks

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