The Kinds Of Men Every Woman Needs To Meet But Not Marry

Okay, girlfriend.. I know you’ve been dreaming of a great, grand wedding. Ever girl does. But before youget to that, you need to realize that time flies so fast. And when you tie the knot, it’s already tied. The deal is sealed. That means, you can’t really hang out with hot guys anymore or exchange flirty messages with a man you just met.
The Kinds Of Men Every Woman Needs To Meet But Not Marry
So, why not enjoy your time now? See, life is not a fairy tale. You can’t just expect to meet your true love right then and there and marry him. Well, it happens to some people. But let’s be realistic here, it doesn’t happen all the time.

Not all guys are the marrying type. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not worth dating. Here’s a list of ten guys that you should actually meet but not marry.

1. The Dare Devil
Why you need to meet him: These dare devils are those guys you see in big bikes – the adventurous type. They love anything risky and their acts are always breath taking! He will bring you to a whole new level. You will definitely make the most out of your life with him and experience the extremes!

Why you shouldn’t marry him: Yes, it’s so easy to fall in love with this man! He might be a keeper.. but sometimes, these dare devils are just not the perfect husband-to-bes. They can be a bit laid back in dealing with serious stuff and can be too risky!

2. The Gamer Geek
Why you need to meet him: Who doesn’t love gaming? These gamer geeks can bring you to a different world. They’re creative, smart, witty, and are fun, too. They are real gentlemen and you will always be surprised with what they can come up with. He might not be your knight in shining armor, but hey, he can definitely slay a (virtual) dragon! Roar!

Why you shouldn’t marry him: Though they are really smart guys, gamer geeks have their own priorities. Most of them spend their money buying games and collectibles. And if you’re not really a fan of these games, you won’t last long no matter how hard you try.
The Kinds Of Men Every Woman Needs To Meet But Not Marry
3. That Hot, Player Hunk

Why you need to meet him: These hot guys are mostly your dream guys! Oh.. Mr. Perfect! Who wouldn’t want to date him? He got the looks, that steamy, hot, beach body.. He got the skills and all the girls go ga-ga for him! Imagine yourself showing off your boy! All girls will surely die in envy! Why you shouldn’t marry him: Unless you want a messed up married life in the future, go for this hottie! These hot guys are chic magnets! C’mon! You won’t want to compete with a lot of different girls all the time. No matter how perfect he is, he might just not be the perfect husband for you.
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