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'Flying' woman bust inside pastor's house.

THE pastor couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the woman inside his locked house. She was naked, sitting quietly on the floor. Her shit was in a bucket. SHE SAID SHE WAS FLYING ON A ROPE WHEN SHE FELL INTO THE PASTOR’S HOUSE.

The woman, who said she comes from Ebatsakatsini, near Komatipoort in Mpumalanga’s Nkomazi region, identified herself only by her surname, Mahlalela.
'Flying' woman bust inside pastor's house.
She was caught in the home of Pastor Simon Nsingwane of the Back to the Word of God Church in Mbangwane village.

The village of Ebatsakatsini is a place created for people evicted from any of the 54 villages around Nkomazi after being accused of witchcraft. Mahlalela said they are a team and they work for one master. They were about 15 holding on to the rope when they took off.

“We use a rope to fly and I was sitting at the back when I fell off,” she said.

Mpumalanga police spokesman Colonel Leonard Hlathi said the woman has been taken to a place of safety.

He said the pastor has not pressed any criminal charges yet.

“We are assessing the situation and, if needs be, investigators assigned to deal with witchcraft cases will be involved,” he said.

Pastor Nsingwane said a child found the woman in the kitchen.

He said he did not know how the woman got in because the doors and windows were not only closed, but also had burglar bars.
“We found her relieving herself in a bucket. When asked what she was doing, she said ‘I’m shitting’,” he said.

He said he called the police, who took a while to arrive, by which time a crowd had gathered at the house.
'Flying' woman bust inside pastor's house.
“When the police arrived, she said she knew one of them and called him cousin. She told the officer she was here to perform evil deeds on the family but she was caught,” he said.

The pastor said as a Christian he protects himself with prayer, not muthi.
“I know God has powers to keep me safe from evil,” said Nsingwane.

King Mlambo II, who provided land for the establishment of Ebatsakatsini, said he had not formally been told of the matter.
“I will wait for my representatives from the area to report to me after which I will be able to comment and take action if necessary,” said King Mlambo. – AENS

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