'Nyatsi saves my marriage!'

WHEN ZANDILE became ill and couldn’t have sex, she faced a tough decision. She loved her husband but she knew he was a normal man with normal desires.


Zandile Khumalo (39) and her husband Vusimuzi Khumalo (45) have been married for 11 years and have been blessed with four kids.
WHEN ZANDILE became ill and couldn’t have sex, she faced a tough decision. She loved her husband but she knew he was a normal man with normal desires.
But in 2008 she developed a growth and the joy they experienced between the sheets turned to torture.

Zandile, from Palm Ridge, Ekurhuleni said Vusimuzi was a man who loved sex and every time they got into bed he would plead for sex.

“He used to say to me, just give me one round but I couldn’t give it to him,” she said.

“Our relationship began to suffer. Whenever we got into bed we fought.”

The growths were removed at Natalspruit

Hospital but in 2010 they returned.

She said at that time she was pregnant with her third child so she had to wait till she had given birth before they could operate again.

After giving birth to her first child she and her husband decided to consult traditional healers, but it didn’t help. In the end she convinced Vusimuzi to find a side dish.

“I suggested that he go out and find another woman because I could no longer provide him with ubumnandi,” she said.

“Now he has another woman. My kids and I know her.

“ I had no choice but to let my husband find another woman to satisfy him.”

Vusimuzi told Daily Sun when his wife first told him to get a nyatsi he thought she was joking.

“But then she sat down with me and explained why. She told me she knew I had needs and she would prefer it if I found someone to help me out.”

He said he didn’t love the nyatsi.

“My wife is the love of my life. I miss being intimate with her. We have spent a lot of money so she can get better but so far we have been unsuccessful,” he said.

“All I want is for Zandile to be okay. I love making love to my wife.”

Zandile said she can’t move around and take care of her children as she would like to. She’s appealing to SunReaders for advice to save her from her life of misery.

Sexologist Elna Mcintosh said: “She has a virus called human papilloma virus, also known as genital warts.”

She said warts could be removed by freezing, burning, laser or by applying liquid wart paints or creams.

“The warts can come back after treatment and then they can only be controlled.

The patient needs to go back to the hospital and ask for the human papilloma virus clinic.”

She said it was important for woman to do regular pap smears as the warts could cause cancer.

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