BIZARRE: Black Bird Snatches Baby From Bedroom, Guess What It Did Next

One of the most bizarre things ever has happened after a black bird from nowhere allegedly stormed the bedroom of a couple and snatched their baby boy from them.

The strange bird reportedly disappeared with the one and half year old victim, Takudzwa Kuyana’s as soon as it picked him up around 2 p.m on Wednesday, February 25, 2015.

Realizing that his baby might be a forgotten issue if he did not act, the shocked father, Cosmas Kuyana, chased after the bird throwing stones at it to rescue their baby in Gokwe North district of Zimbabwe.
BIZARRE: Black Bird Snatches Baby From Bedroom, Guess What It Did Next
According to, the bird only dropped the child after flying for almost a kilometre.

Some locals opined that the incident was possibly in connection with witchcraft activities as it sounded too bizarre to be just ordinary.

Meanwhile, the baby’s mother,Barbra Nzou, revealed that she went temporarily bling shortly before the bird stormed their apartment.

According to the couple, the squawking bird stripped off the baby’s clothes and dumped them on top of the bedroom hut and then returned to pick the boy up.

The baby’s father said, “I was paralysed by fear but my love for my son prompted me to act, so I ran after the bird and threw stones at it until it dropped him. The baby’s cheeks were bruised and his shoulder was swollen when we picked him up and ran back home.”

He further disclosed that the family was consulting traditional healers in connection with the strange occurrence of a bird carrying a human being and flew away with him.

The bird was said to be seen hovering around the home of the couple where the incident happened.

Confirming the incident, the Gokwe North District Administrator Fortune Mupungu noted that headman of the area was already handling the issue.

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