10 Reasons Why You Should Dare To Make Mistakes

Are you afraid to take risks? Do you always take the safe route and never move outside of your comfort zone? If these comments describe you, then you could be missing out on a lot. Taking some, calculated risks and bearing the mistakes that come from that, is all a part of life. It’s how we learn, how we grow and it’s how we achieve things in life. If you are so afraid of making mistakes that you never take a risk, then take a look at our ten reasons why daring to make mistakes can be good for you:
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1. The only bad mistake is the one that you don’t learn from
Making a mistake is unfortunate; making the same mistake multiple times is downright careless! We learn from our mistakes all through our lives. From our first tentative steps as a child to dealing with relationships, money and work in later life; if we’re not making mistakes, then we can never know how far we can go…

2. When you fall off a horse, get straight back on again
There are so many clichés we could use here; if at first you don’t succeed, then try, try again and so on. But the key thing is to learn from your mistakes, don’t give up and try again. There is always another chance or another way to try and achieve something. All the mistakes are doing is helping you to find the right way.

3. Phew! That was close!
Mistakes are a great way of teaching us to appreciate what we have. If you’ve ever stepped off the pavement without looking and a car has passed you by, within inches, you’ll know what we mean and that’s not a mistake that you will make twice.

4. Mistakes make you even more determined
Mistakes are only demotivating, if you let them be. Instead of letting a mistake get you down, assess where you went wrong, learn from it and go for it again. Use the mistake to make you even more determined to succeed and you will become grateful for that mistake.

5. Life is one long experiment
The men reached the moon, eventually, but not before NASA had done a heck of a lot of testing, experimenting and making some dreadful mistakes along the way. They could have given up the first time one of their rockets blew up on the launch pad, but they didn’t and they got there in the end. So will you achieve your goals, if you don’t stop.

6. To err is human
Adopt the strategy of this phrase: ‘To err is human, to forgive is divine’. Or, in other words, when you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up about it! We are all human and making mistakes is part of the human condition, so when you make a mistake, forgive yourself and move on.

7. Mistakes let you help others
If you have made mistakes, you can teach others not to. You can tell your children not to ride their bike downhill without holding on to the handle bars because, when you did it as a kid, you fell off! The same applies, when you are older, what you learn from your own mistakes gives you the wisdom to be able to advise others.

8. Taking risks and making mistakes makes you a stronger person
Imagine having lived the perfect life without a single mistake and then, out of the blue you make one. That would be devastating! Actually, as you make each little mistake, it makes you stronger and more prepared for the next.

9. Mistakes can be a timely wakeup call
Sometimes, life can get a little too easy and we become complacent. A mistake can be a good reminder that we need to keep our guard up at all times and be watchful of what may be coming around the corner.

10. He who dares wins
This motto of the British Special Forces sums up nicely why you should dare to make mistakes. You don’t need to rescue hostages from a terrorist situation to adopt this outlook, but it does tell you that if you fear making mistakes too much, you simply will never try.

The one who never dares to take risks and make mistakes, never has the occasion to drink champagne! Therefore, don’t be discouraged by your mistakes, on the contrary, be thrilled, because every mistake you make leads you closer to the accomplishment of your goals and objectives, and soon, you’ll have the occasion to drink champagne and celebrate your victory!
Stay happy and dare to make mistakes!
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