50-year-old man nabbed for sleeping with 14-year-old daughter

A 50-year-old man, Isiaka Alade, who has been sleeping with his 14-year-old daughter, Sadia, is now blaming the devil for luring into the sacrilegious act.

The sordid act was uncovered by some suspicious residents around Ayobo area of Lagos where the man lived with his daughter in an uncompleted building in the community and when he was dragged to the palace of the traditional ruler of the area, he confessed that he has been engaging in the act of incest with the girl for the past 2 years.

Alade who said the girl was his only surviving child after he lost 11 children, started sleeping with her after he parted ways with her mother whom he married after the death of his first wife.
50-year-old man nabbed for sleeping with 14-year-old daughter
The girl, a JSS 1 student, reportedly left her mother in their village in Osun State at the age of 8, to join his father in Lagos, with a view to having access to better education but instead of the education she craved for, the old father turned her into his sex slave.

The sex abuse could have gone unnoticed but for neighbours who allegedly caught father and daughter pants down one afternoon, shortly after she returned back from school.

He was handed over to policemen from the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID Panti, after interrogation at the Baale (traditional ruler's) palace.

In an interview while in police custody, Alade said that his action was not ordinary, though he was not the one that deflowered the girl.

Bursting into tears, he narrated:

"This thing is not ordinary. I believe I was hypnotised. Or how else can I explain this, when there are commercial sex workers around?

She usually stripped before me any time she finished taking her bath. It all started after we were chased out from our former place at Idimu, following the demise of our landlord.

I moved to Oluwanishola area of Ayobo, where I stayed in an uncompleted building with my daughter. We laid cartoons on the bare floor which served as bedspread.

I noticed that Sadia had changed completely from being the good girl she was when she came in 2008. She started behaving like a demon-possessed person.

For instance, if she was sent on errand, she would waste so much time. She also stopped doing the house chores.

I later discovered that things were no longer moving on well for me since she came. I started contemplating sending her back to her mother. But my constraint was cash.

In order to raise money for that purpose, I decided to gather sand from the area to sell."

On how the abominable act started, Alade said:

"It all started one night while we were sleeping on the cartoon we used as bed. I did not know what came over me but I found myself drawing my daughter close and she did not bulge.

That night, there was no penetration. I only held her close until I messed up myself. It continued that way for some time.

I am not the one that deflowered her because I never saw blood after having carnal knowledge of her and she did not even cry to indicate it was painful.

I did not do it out of starvation. It was the devil’s handiwork. In fact, this is a thing that has been concluded in the spiritual realm.

It was done by someone from the dark world to destroy my image. I am indeed very sorry."

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