Woman reveals how her husband sends snake to have sex with her

A woman has dragged her husband to a divorce court in Zimbabwe after she discovered he allegedly owns a snake which she claimed he used when ever they had sex.

The woman, Idah Mutarara said she had suspected her husband of diabolical practices as each time they had sex, she would bleed continuously before falling ill.
Woman reveals how her husband sends snake to have sex with her
According to Idah, she found the snake in their bedroom during a spiritual cleansing by a prophet. She also found a bottle full of blood hidden by her husband, Gideon Nyamayevhu, at their doorstep.

She told the court that her husband had married five women in the past who allegedly died after discovering his secret while also asking for a monthly maintenance of US$240 for the upkeep of their three children.

The accused, Gideon confirmed some of the allegations, adding that five of his lovers had indeed died but they were not his wives.

He however begged the magistrate to let him pay an ‘affordable’ maintenance fee as he was a pensioner who also had other five children to look after.

Presiding over the matter, Magistrate Victor Mpofu ordered Gideon to pay his wife a monthly upkeep of US40. READ MORE: http://www.naij.com/58972.html

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