10 Important Characters of a Astronomical Leader

Leadership is abuzz these days. Everyone is talking about it. I’m not the only one—or certainly not the best one—who addresses leadership frequently.

Yet, as much as it’s in our conversations and thought processes, it appears most organizations and churches are consistently looking for new leaders. In my conversations with other churches, people want to know how to find, attract and train leaders.

Apparently it is far easier to talk about it—even perhaps easier to call oneself a leader—than it is to actually be a leader.

Perhaps we need to do a better job distinguishing what leadership actually means.

10 Important Characters of a Astronomical Leader
Defining Leadership
Even with an advanced degree in leadership, I can tell you experts who “schooled” me didn’t always agree on the definition of leadership. Perhaps, even more, we need to better understand what makes up great leadership—even more than add a definition in which we may not all agree.

Additionally, I almost wonder if one reason we have such a hard time defining leadership is because there are actually levels of leadership. There could be the kind anyone can do. Everyone is a leader at some level. If leadership is truly “influence,” then all of us are leaders in some area of life.

And, then, maybe there is something even more defined. Simply for discussion I’ll use a term: Stellar Leadership. The kind of leadership the truly great leaders provide.

Stellar: Pertaining to a preeminent performer—or—Outstanding or immense.

Isn’t this the kind of leadership we are all seeking?

I am still a leader in training. Not sure when I’ll “get there,” but I know I’m not looking to be an average leader. I want to be a stellar leader someday, one who is outstanding or immense in my profession.

With that in mind, here are 10 definitions I think we find in stellar leadership:

(These words are mine, but I got the definition of each from dictionary.com)

Cognizance: Awareness, realization or knowledge; notice; perception:
Stellar leaders have a keen sense of what’s ahead. They study. They learn. They listen. They remain aware.
Optimistic: Reflecting a favorable view of events and conditions and the expectation of a positive outcome
Stellar leaders see the glass half-full. They aren’t negative-minded or hypercritical. They are encouraging. They build momentum. They invest in others and build up the people around them.

Causal: A person or thing that acts, happens or exists in such a way that some specific thing happens as a result
Stellar leaders are purpose-driven. Mission-minded. It guides their thoughts and keeps them on task.

Steadfast: Firm in purpose, resolution, faith, attachment, etc.
Stellar leaders are consistent. Dependable. Buoyant. They aren’t quitters—even when things get difficult, boring or even unpopular.

Respectable: Worthy of respect or esteem
Stellar leaders have been tested. They’ve earned a reputation worthy of following, mostly because they are servant leaders willing to lay their life down for the people and cause they are trying to lead.

Truthfulness: Telling the truth, especially habitually
A stellar leader’s word is their bond. They could function—and be trusted—in a handshake world. You can trust them emphatically.

Valor: Boldness or determination in facing great danger; courage
Stellar leaders are courageous. They lead into uncharted areas. They take us where we need to go.

Integrity: Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
Stellar leaders have a strong moral fiber. They base decisions on a sense of right and wrong. What you see at work, you’ll see at play. They are the same with their family as with their co-workers. www.churchleaders.com

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